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Want a 1TB drive in a laptop? Take a gander at the Toshiba Qosmio X875. #CES
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My 2 year old laptop came with that... It's nothing new
I really enjoy the Qosmio line, I have had mine for 2+ years now and it's a beast.
Maybe I just don't do anything particularly storage heavy, but I feel like 1TB is more than anybody would need unless you record a lot of video.
They use to say 1GB was more then you would ever need 
+Michael Gage If you're into photography and you want to take quality pictures, you want set your camera to the highest resolution with no compression. This takes so much space in your HDD. If you're on a long trip, you would want to store them immediately into your computer as your memory card gets full very fast. Then upon uploading to your comp, you would take more pictures, then upload again to your comp. Of course, your comp has to be portable since you have to carry it wirh you.

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