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Wish you could see through the phone you're staring at so you won't bump into a tree? Believe it or not there's now an Android app for that.
If you haven't stumbled or walked into someone while checking your e-mail or texting, you're either conscientious or lucky. Transparent Screen is a neat, free Android app that shows what's in front of...
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First world problem solution!
Downloading now. Gotta check this out.

Just tried it out. Seems that I don't have the hardware to fully utilize its usefulness. Looks like I'll have to wait till I get an upgrade. Amazing idea, though.
This should really drain my battery fast, But I can't wait to try it.
Tried it on my HTC Sensation. Maybe my phone's not powerful enough (although that's not exactly a dinosaur of a phone), but it was laggy... to the point that I started to feel a headache coming on.
Still, it's a cool idea that I hope someone can improve on. If it worked right, I could see using this when I walk a few blocks and need to be going through emails or something.
Squid E
Wow it's awesome, worked fine on my LG G2x. Thought it would be a live wallpaper or something, but it actually makes the wallpaper see-thru also.
Invisiblephone for WP has been out for a whole, Android is playing catch up... Hmmm, it kinda reminds me of how Apple comes late to some parties, but makes everyone believe they are the inventors. Lol!
So can I use this while driving now ? :)
As neat as I think that is, it sends the wrong message. How about people get off their damn phones for just a few seconds so they don't trip on the curb? Trust me, the real world is nice!
+Moses Verdin "Real World" I can't find that app in the market, is it for windows or something?
I would be reading my text so closely I would still bump into that tree.
"Evolution".... it's wonderful. Eons from now, due to the "looking down, looking up, looking down, looking up", people will probably evolve with 'texting eyeballs' underneath their chin. Neat huh? Sex will be interesting too. I can't wait.... oh, I won't be here but I'll think about it for about the next 10 minutes or so just for fun... LOL
Laggy on my Fascinate as well. Neat idea though.
Great, More reasons for people to be rude and anti-social.
that depends on what you think "crazy" and "good" means.
Or you can just wait til you get back to your moms basement to open your penile enlargement confirmation email
Had some fun with this..
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had this on iphone at least about 2 years ago :-P So your choices here are:
- hold the phone in a natural txting position and be staring at the ground just in front of you "through" your phone, or.....
- hold the phone up in front of you like you're constantly taking a video/picture and either just look like a dork or have people think you're filming them.
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