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LG's OLED TV is arriving in March for about $12,000. How many will you buy? #CES
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14 comments For 12k it better give a mean bj.
Just think, when flat screens were released to the public, they were at least 5k a piece. The issue with OLED's is the production difficulties. These will sell at this price point because that is cheap compared to what people believed they would cost.  These have been in the making for over 5 years.
Ok so 10 galaxy s3's would equal 55 inches of oled goodness and cost $5500 so where do they get $12000?
I worked in retail for 10 years, why is everyone shocked over a $15xxx tv. Sony sold the xbr70 for $30k almost 10 years ago. Ok 7 years ago...but really. We sold 4 at my Macon store alone. 
I remember the time when next to a plasma the gift was actually a car...

Ridiculous :)
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