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The contract-free Kyocera Event is an affordable midrange smartphone from Virgin Mobile. Check it out:
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Really, 4.0 ICS? Isn't that about 9 months old now?
Nothing on VM has JB yet.  Though the Galaxy S2 will probably be getting it in the next couple months.
Don't you love it when new products ship with old software? Funny. I guess there are lots of suckers out there. Just look at the iSheple.
New is whatever Steve says it, even from beyond the grave.
Apple devices will be dead in 3 years ...there already behind 
The last kyocera I bought was the dual screen P. O. S. It broke 4 times! 
Rick T
+Jagga Singh don't bet on that.  Have you talked to any of the iPhone users lately?
Fuck apple. They are so far behind in new tech specs.

Donnavin Boisselle
Rick T
My experience with a small makers (not with Kyocera) is they don't provide software upgrade.  Even with the big guys, they're so far behind.  That's one thing Apple is much better (iPhone 3GS still get iOS 6 upgrade).  That's why I'm using Nexus.
Lol. Ok Ok. Yes I kill many people. But it doesn't change the fact that kyocera is shit. ;-) 
I agree that HTC is a great brand. Them and Samsung always take the cake
What about the new 1020 Nokia Lumia with the 41 Mega pixel camera. Don't think that any of those
smart phones have 41 megapixels
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