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Here's what you need to know when choosing a smartphone plan:
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no payed,buy FACTORY UNLOCK and be done with it
Prepaid!! Had contract for 8 years. No respect for customers who paid their bills.... Im done. Prepaid for now on. 
I have an HTC EVO v 4G running ICS on Virgin Mobile and my bill is $54 a month including taxes/surcharges/insurance
Motorola DROID RAZR on PagePlus for $29.95 a month. Got tired of giving Big Red $120 a month.. 
+Kevin Harris , i would disagree on the phone selection. They have plenty of mid/upper mid range phones.........usually 8/12 months old at least but more than capable nowadays
Prepaid but only if you have good coverage in your area
Factory unlocked will be the thing in the past come Saturday the feds have spoken Dred will be coming for you.

I am the law! 
Prepaid, TMo, N4, 30 bucks, said deuces to VZW 
Nada! When Google sells the "X" I'm going wifi only! $300,unlocked, done! 
I got my HTC Inspire 4g with straight talk unlimited for 45 a month an I'm pretty happy with that, better than what I had before with at&t!!
The article calls for the better support you get on a post-paid service compare to prepaid service which is true but it doesn't mention T-mobile as a carrier that gives you post-paid quality support on their prepaid service.
Prepaid is best plan in any country
What a shame.. the so called third world & under developed countries had the real freedom to buy unlocked phones & switch their sim cards as per their choice & requirements with pre or post paid for over a decade now...
I switched to StraightTalk from AT&T and have no plans on going back.
Has anyone switched a family of 3 to prepaid on Verizon? I'm unlimited now.
Prepaid; crappy service and shady bill hikes begone! 
Pre'll never spend more than 100$ on a cell phone bill again
I'm going to Verizon possibly after this year, I'm gonna do the share all. I currently with ATT and it seems since I have unlimited data for both phone they are slowing down our data to little or nothing in spurts of the data, one moment it's fine, other times its slow as 2g or worst.
I bought a Nexus 4 and moved to Simple Mobile. I'm saving $60 per month on my previous bill. Got a great phone and service. 
I have the pan tech burst updated to ics on straight talk. $45 dollars a month unlimited everything, while using att's network.
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