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Have you ever bought a piece of tech just because it was cheap, but regretted it later?
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David Pye
Bought a Nexus 7 because it was cheap, haven't regretted it yet, nor have I even stopped using it!
maybe some chinese crap on ebay, years and years ago :D
I am close to buying a Chromebook becuase it is cheap. I doubt I will have any regrets.
I bought my daughter a pandigital tablet. Piece of junk. Worst bday gift I've ever given any of my kids. I need to make up for it this year.
Absolute! The Google/Asus Nexus 7.

Its been out for nary 6 months and is  commercial hit, yet Asus hasn't supplied it consumer's with real hardware accessories as compared to another major tablet maker in the US. 

Go figure.
+Eric Powell I know what you mean and it is quite frustrating. That said, Amazon is lousy with Nexus 7 accessories.
+Gabriel Walsh Amazon? Doesn't Amazon make the Kindle Fire?

Last time I checked Google and Asus are partners to deliver the Nexus 7.
Motorola Devour. Worst phone ever.
+Eric Powell - and yet that does not make my statement any less true.  Go visit Amazon and run a search for Nexus 7 accessories.  The place is lousy with them.  In fact, the very best case made for the Nexus 7 (the Poetic Slimline smart cover for the Nexus 7) is primarily sold there.
I bought the first version of Kindle Fire. It does its job as an eReader, but the app support is weak. Now I'll just spend the extra money and get an iPad because I know the apps are available for it.
+Brian Traverso - or you can save your money and get a Nexus 7 and get just as good (or better) app support and a far more powerful operating system.
Nope, I don't buy cheap tech, u get what u pay for.
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