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The maker of the Chromebook Pixel video says it's real. But is he?
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Are you?  Am I?

Is anything?

Oh god.  

With a single headline +CNET has shattered my perception of reality.
looks like a mac-pro with retina screen mockup/rip off. Doubt that 4k touch laptops are already here since 4K tv's are only just surfacing for the price of a car. And on top of all that, this doesnt sound like the usual Google approach.
I have my doubts, but would love this to become reality of course!
Tim Box
Yup looks fake
Definitely has me interested. Hopefully it is real. 
4k would be cheaper to make on a smaller screen. But it would be pointless as the human eye can only see so sharp.
+Joseph Paul especially on the distance of a laptop. You could probably justify 4k over a bigger distance like a huge TV would require, but not the close range of a laptop.
I'm I the only one who caught that it said 4 million pixels, not 4K resolution? 4K has around 9 million pixels, so either they are inventing a new screen resolution or they just don't know what they are taking about.
Hahaha by far the most entertaining article I've read this week. All I see is lies and attention-seeking stories. 
the 4k was not what I cared about in the article. What is giving him away is that there is always a bad connection, or he's hacked, no one knows him. This guy is just an attention whore who probably ripped off some video and trolling everyone.
Did he really said it? Or maybe not....Not sure...hmmm
Interesting, but unless one comes in a 15.4 inch then I'm not interested. I'll stick with my Macbook Pro. 
D Smart
Price better be right. And by right I mean cheap. But I can't help but wonder y laptop? Maybe if the screen detatched it'd make sense. 
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