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Scientists are proposing a plan to vaporize asteroids:
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Awesome! Until the military gets its hands on the technology.
Think of all the minerals they're wasting!
Interesting....barbecued asteroid sounds like a nice meal.....How much will it cost? 30,000$ a kilo? 
I think this is a conspiracy by those people who petitioned the US government to create a Death Star to actually get one built now for "global defense".
I think we can direct asteroids. That way we can force it into an area we can mine the shit out of it.
Can you imagine the prospects for space mining? Asteroid mining should be extremely lucrative, but the idea of planetary mining is what excites me. In a hundred years you'll probably have companies that lay claim to entire planets for resource extraction.
Asteroid mining first. Then we can move onto bigger beasts. Moving parts around is expensive. 
Misleading headline. Vaporize an asteroid? If that is what these "scientists" really suggest, then i think we need someone else in charge of coming up with ideas. Even people in this comment section have better ideas. 
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