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Roku's $50 streaming box keeps getting better and we named it an Editors Choice' for the second straight year:
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i bought one of these, not too long ago, and have to admit...the private channels make it all worth it.
I bought one Wednesday. I like my jail broken apple Tv better. But this is a nice device. 
I think Roku gets cut a lot of slack due to the price.  It's ok, but next to a Google TV it feels like something from 3 years ago.  If you really use both devices daily (beyond doing a review with 20 minutes of exposure), the Roku's banner navigation menu is horrible once you have more than 10 channels.  Lack of Amazon MP3 or Google Music is a big minus.  Lack of a web browser another minus.  The big killers - no multi-tasking or YouTube.  Can't listen to Pandora while showing a slideshow.  My Roku also needs to be rebooted regularly to clear the cache - a known issue that Roku stated they will not fix.

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Google TV is still not ready for prime time. Apple TV is too limited. Roku with Plex is the best all around streamer.
+Wood Franklin I cordially disagree.  GTV does what Roku does (except for Hulu) and so much more.  GTV certainly has room for improvement, but in my opinion in it's current form it offers far more than Roku.  Using Roku with Plex works (works on GTV, too) but it is a painfully slow experience, and you have to have a server PC running.  This set up isn't something the average person is going to explore.

Roku is great if you want to occasionally watch Netfix, Hulu or listen to Pandora but as a heavily used integrated part of a TV experience it's to limited and to slow.  I have one and use it everyday, but would not recommend it to others.  
I weighed all the $99 streamers' pros and cons... and bought the #viziocostar. I'm glad I didn't listen to the negative reviews. I will say though, the Xbox is a close contender- and would be my favorite- if I didn't have to actually start it up and switch to it to use it. Having GTV layered on top of TV is awesome. All my apps are ready at the push of a remote.
+Jeff Chapman Spend some time in Youtube.  It is really moving beyond funny cat videos.  There is a lot of long form content to be found.  I subscribe to about 25 channels such as National Geographic, TWIT, AP News, etc.  Search for a song or band and one of the options will be a play list for that search.  Over time, based on what you view, YouTubes "Recommended" and "uploads from Subscriptions" becomes populated with more content (that you're interested in) than you have time to view.  It's a custom, tailored viewing experience.
I would want to drop my roku if Google TV devices for 2013 maybe could support miracast to stream content from android 4.2 devices.
+Alexa Antonaras we cut the cable with Netflix and Hulu Plus. Its not perfect but keeps happy for a fraction of the cost.
+Kody Frazier Boxee is committing suicide.  They are discontinuing the Boxee Box and coming out with Boxee TV.  It will be $99 - BUT will require a $15/ month subscription fee.  
I'd totally invest in something like this if I didn't already have a video game console. 
Looks like a great investment for $50.
If it could play flv format, it would truly be an ass kicker.
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