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If they ban porn, the available bandwidth gets freed up.

It basically means they don't need to upgrade to fiber
In Iceland I'm pretty sure their "porn" is just pictures of fish. 
ah so their balls are blue not because of the temperature
How odd that only men have so far commented. Amazing! XD
Malaysia made this move years back. Funny how the government here keeps on boasting about "Internet freedom" and completely makes a u-turn on this. I'm not so crazy about porn but if they can do it over porn, what's to stop them from doing it over something else? 
Internet Freedom is being wiped out day by day and we have no privacy and now this... why would they do this?
Cause there are a bunch of cold fish running the government in Iceland perhaps?

That could be either figuratively or literally speaking. Maybe fish don't like porn.
If they do this in the US its back to the porno store for us.
And they ask why we have school shootings...
I know I'm going to hell.
If politicians got high and watched more porn our legislative system would be much more productive. Old white guys are often too grumpy to get shut done.
"But surely if we can send a man to the moon, we must be able to tackle porn on the Internet." ...Has Iceland sent a man to the moon?
This quote is so far from the truth.

"Ogmundur Jonasson is working on new legal measures that could make access to online porn nearly impossible"

A simple VPN account located outside their stupid country can easily circumvent this stupid bullshit.
Google isn't big money too?

Trust me. Google is not your friend. They just want your money like everyone else. 
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