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The super-premium Samsung Galaxy S3 is the Ferrari of Android phones. Check out our full review.
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Too bad they have to postpone the pebble blue release because of a quality issue with the backplate, now I have to wait for it longer =/
Tony C
Does that mean it needs frequent expensive repairs to keep running?
The quad-core engine "goes like stink"??? What the frell does that mean? And what's the battery life of this thing? That it burns thru battery life like "Cookie monster [eating] biscuits [British for "cookies"]" doesn't tell me if it's 1, 2, 4 hours of battery life. #ShowTheMath
Personally, I really do not like the design or the Touchwiz Nature UX so I am going to stick to the htc One XL when that comes out in the UK!
Like ++ im really intrusted to see the battery life. Ive been thinking about getting the S3 and flashing untampered ics ( of course would keep the eye tracking, s voice, and any other really cool features it has). I just dont like touchwiz, I've fallen in love with ICS. But I wouldn't do any of that unless the battery life is more than 8 hours of surfing the net (fully dimmed)
+Ricardo Romero III If you are interested in stock ICS, have you checked out Apex Launcher for Android 4.0 devices? No root required (so don't worry about voiding a warranty) yet almost perfect stock ICS!
+Joe Owen Apex may offer the appearance of stock ICS, but it doesn't come with the speed and battery advantages of a slimmed down ROM unfortunately...
+Frédéric Hannes Maybe not, and it doesn't offer the same customisablilty, but for those who don't want to risk root access I find that is more than adequate :D and my pleasure +Ricardo Romero III
After reading about it, I think I would try Apex until i i did 3tons of research on flashing the SG3. I wouldn't want to brick my brand new phone because i couldn't do a little leg work.
+Ricardo Romero III The chance of hardbricking an Android phone is very slim, unless you manage to corrupt the bootloader I suppose... Otherwise, normally you should always be able to get into the download menu and flash a new kernel+rom using Odin3. EDIT: Note that Odin3 is used for Samsung devices.
Too huge... :(
This phone will be worth having it only when cm9 gets released for it anyway... possibly with at least a few of the TouchWiz's features(like the vibrate notifications when u pick up the phone). If not,i won't be sad - the new features are mostly useless or just a gimmick for the wow factor. I'll probably get it...if the battery life is great. If not,GSM Galaxy Nexus OR most likely a white Galaxy S 2 (but it sucks that it doesn't have a notification light).
Don't you just hate reviews from sites that obviously have a bias towards one platform or another?

Just finished reading the review of the Samsung Galaxy SIII on I thought I had gone there to read a review on the SIII and not a comparison with the iPhone 4S..

For example this section below

"If you're after something easy to use and don't mind sacrificing the ability to customise the look and feel of your phone, you'd be better served by Apple's iOS platform. Anyone who prefers freedom to muck about with their mobile, however, will enjoy digging into Android. There are scores of different versions of Android to choose from -- from 'vanilla' Android, straight as Google intended it, to the raft of manufacturer-crafted Android skins."

Now as far as I was aware this along with every Android phone allows you to run stock software and skins or customise, so for the person who is looking for a phone that is easy to use you will find this phone just as easy to use, I mean try changing the equaliser setting on a playing track from an iPhone, not so easy or intuitive as you would think, ...

Please stick to reviewing the phone and let people decide through their own research which phone is better and keep your opinions to yourself

OK Rant over
+Perrin Alexander Quite right. When I read a review, I want an objective opinion about the device, not written by a fanboy of either the competition or the phone itself.
samsung design cell phone is not manly, so i don't like cellphone Samsung
+Tấn Nguyễn wtf...and what is a manly phone in your opinion?? Dumb comment dude
+Tấn Nguyễn You don't think a white phone is manly? In that case there's the more obvious choice of the pebble blue version...
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