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Will Nokia trump Apple in the maps stakes? Or is its new maps app neither here nor there?
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Anything seems better than Apple's maps these days so if it does the job right and it looks good... the name shouldn't be a problem.
I tried the browser version on my Mac and iPad, it was kinda slow. I live in Taipei and they use Chinese romanization instead of English, which makes it hard for foreigners to use this map. I hope they improve it when they launch the iOS app. In case of Taipei, I would put Google Maps as no 1, Nokia 2 and Apple 3. But all have lots of flaws and need to be improved.
+CNET The title should be ios and android gets nokai maps.
stop beeing a apple fanboy and start beeing a neutral news site!
I tried navigating 2 days ago in a city that was easy to navigate with google maps on ipad previously.  With IOS 6 the apple maps said there was no such street.  
+Raphael Baker If iOS6 claims that there is no such a street - then the street doesn't exist. Which part do you not understand?
You are either in wrong city (next time be more carefull when exiting highway) or you're holding it wrong (or something else).
Yes, that must be it.  Holding it wrong and possibly in wrong city too.  Also apparently apple maps doesn't work if there are other iphone users within a 500 yard radius.
+Raphael Baker well, they'll sort it out eventually. In the meantime - do it "old fashioned way" (stop and ask).
No, that doesn't work either - we're men. We do not ask for directions ;-)
I did ask for directions eventually and the guy was using iphone, IOS 6 and a free GPS app that I also had.  He had higher bandwidth though.
+Jeff Chapman same here in the android world... ;P
(and we can do more with our devices ;P ;P )
Maps in iOS 6 works flawlessly for me and when I went on vacation, turn by turn instructions were spot on
+Jeff Chapman you talked about iphones in first place, not the gs2 (confusing) ;)
check this out, i didnt read it completely but could be working with your device ;)
Android navigation does not even work in Turkey, at least apple found the right way to solve this problem. Shame on google!
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