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Google's new privacy policy is now in effect. Here are 5 things you need to know about how it affects you.
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Great article by +Sharon Vaknin; I read this earlier. I'm in the, "So what," camp, but I can see where people have an issue (I guess). The only part I disagree with in this article is this:

In the worst-case scenario, your data could be sold to employers, who may examine your profile before making a hiring decision. They could deduce that your consistent search queries for "diabetes treatment," or something of the like, means that you'd be a liability on their health insurance policy.

The privacy policy very specifically says that the information will not be sold to third parties. The only way that this scenario could play out would be if Google disregarded their own policy. This is more likely to happen on Facebook than with Google.
CNET jumps on the fear-mongering bandwagon... :rolleyes:
I have been waiting for someone to explain the change concisely, so thank you +CNET
It's the best article I've read on the situation so far, anyway. Agree with +DeAno Jackson though that statement is weird. Also weird is the advice that you definitely should delete your search history but nobody's explained why, really... since you're free to do it at any time and it really doesn't keep them from getting information on you.
Not sure why everyone is screaming and shouting about 'deleting your web history'. Aside from incorrectly spreading the idea that it's every site you visit, you had to have opted in to have your history recorded in the first place...
I guess Cnet is not happy with google now. Funny I started using all the services of google because cnet recommended them to be better than microsoft.
I actually think it makes sense that Google consolidate user info from different services, first because they're their services (if you don't like them then you're free to leave) and second because I would like to see, for example my favorite search topics pop up more frequently say in YouTube. I think Search Plus Your World was the beginning of this integration and I have used and liked it so far... So +CNET, I ain't deleting nothin'....
They are just getting plugs. Nothing has changed with Google.
Informative summary. It all boils down to TINSTAAFL.
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