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Ker-ching! Eric Schmidt is selling almost half of his Google stock. What would you do with $2.51 billion?
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Buy some indian stocks or some property in my hometown
How about he donate the money. From the stock he cashs in too help a charity. Since it was corporate greed etc. That pretty much destroyed the poor and middle class 
I wonder how much a seat on the Apple board costs these days... That'd get under Tim's skin & make Steve rise from the dead.
I just need $2000000 to start my mini project, a  #mobilemoney  & #logistics  company that is involved with #agriculture  and buying and selling of goods and services in Liberia, we support Green Technology and Location Base, I can pay him back in 20 years even with a little over... try me Mr. Schmidt, you will see your money at work and saving lives... the ball is in your court now... 
+Brian Texan Why assume he's not going to do it?  Or do you simply want him to do some kind of public act of repentence?

Look at Bill Gates, trying to find new ways of using his money. 

And how was the money from a dozen years of growing Google to a massive company "Corporate greed"?  Do you realise that the first project completed by Google X was a more efficient method of manufacturing and implementing solar power which they then open sourced and made available for everyone to use ?

A company that is making money can use some of it to create things of universal benefit.

$2.51 billion could fund the development of hundreds of businesses employing thousands of people, creating, innovating, developing the world.

And making money so more people can get employed. 

Eric Schmidt has always been part of job-creating businesses.  This isn't like Mitt Romney, making his money from dismantling, outsourcing and screwing the tax authorities.

And how did Google destroy the poor and middle class?

How did they not just "organize the world's data" (as per their mission statement) and sell some advertising space on their site?

Was providing free email (and just about everything else) somehow bad?
I would guess he's intending to invest in another company (likely in a completely different industry) - He's an investor in +Planetary Resources, so it's possible they're stepping up the game and he's interested in being a bigger part of that adventure...
Personally, if I had that sort of money, I'd spend it on wine, women and song - and waste the rest.
he knows he better sell it, before obama steals it.
He probably needs the money to send one his kids to college.
He probably knows he needs to get out of the US dollar before it collapses. He realizes the US federal reserve is going to keep printing the dollar until it is worthless!
And we have our first Obama jab. There is one in every thread. Grow a brain and some real opinions.
Pay off my student loans, help my parents with their medical bills, and start making investments.
from the developers alone, i would have done the same (not that i am even suggesting a possibility of owning $2.5 billion in shares..). just from the community, i'd say MS and windows is a by far more solid choice with growth maximizing potential. google is a loss in a box. for sure. the whole 'matchbox car boys' personas/images sold via 'google and android' is going to wane quickly, i bet. #ShareCrash. 
I would imagine he has a very comprehensive knowledge of Google and of the market in general. He certainly has a reason behind selling.
I'm betting that Google was only the primer. That much cheddar meets that much gravity, pow! Big bang! 
Damn, I should've moved to the Valley back in 93.
+Antony Jackson oh im sure he and google has done some good. I know they have as far as tech areas. But every company has some level of corporate greed. If the CEO is selling a little more than $1 billion of his own stock. That would mean he would have more income. Than all the working poor in at least north texas. Usually the ultra wealthy dont donate too charity
+Brian Texan Maybe look at your sentence structure and focus on that instead of rich people and their donation habits?
+Steve Broome huh i was more focusing on the culture that the rich tend to have. which is usually counter to the average person, day to day. just making a point and nothing wrong with my sentence structure.
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