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Yeah it's def better. Like multi user support 
To be frank, I don't use it
Why don't they make any apps for windows phone? :(
I don't use it either. I am happy with the iOS standard mail app.
Used it briefly earlier today and it looks and feels great. I'm glad that there's finally a respectable GMail app on the iPad.

I'm also stoked to see the YouTube app finally hit the App Store. Anyone try that yet?
It's a great Google day! YouTube & Gmail have high quality updates.
Good to see Google lending a helping hand to the customers of its' competitors. Wish all companies could be as innovative....
The whitespace feels like desktop Google+.
They don't make apps for Windows phone because it sucks!
Don't like the sidebar on the left. Can that be added and removed as we please at all? The updated youtube app is great though. 
I went ahead and installed it, don't see how it gives me much more that the ios built in mail app.
+Roger Sibaja I just like the fact that its all on one screen. Don't have to press the back button to get to other folders
Arun M
It's awesome!
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