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The Samsung Galaxy S4 is reportedly set for a March 15 debut. On sale in April:
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TZig Adam
Already? It doent feel that long since the s3 came out. Lets hope they actually come with the latest version if android this time. 
Did they fix the home button? That's my only question. 
You mean removed the Home button +Eric Giauque That's the only fix it needs.

+Abdul Adam you know that as soon as it comes out the next Android update will put it behind and given that 4.2.2 will be here and day now there is a good chance they will actual release behind the curve again.

Hope they've re enabled car dock....s3 is useless for car use since updated and they took car dock away.
Pass... wait for Note 3... will be on May.

And month later.. S4 mini released.
Still loving my S3. I'll wait for the S7 by this rate of upgrade. 
I don't think it'll come out march. I think closer to may. 
Already?! Now I feel old with my S2 :( still love it though!
If it comes out on T-Mobile, and can use their current "4G", as well as their upcoming LTE, I'm paying my ETF and leaving Sprint! My HTC "LTE" EVO can't even use their LTE.
Not a good look for the Google-Motorola phone which is slated to debut in July...
+Adam Pennington no u r wrong...the Galaxy Series just equipped with Android OS, the Omnia Series with Windows Mobile OS, the Wave Series with Bada OS, the Ativ Series with Windows/Phone8 OS.but still dunno what the name of Series will equip with Tizen OS...
Just bought a note 2, will be in tomorrow, I wanted a huge phone not one slightly bigger than s3 ill wait til the s5 or note 4 which more than likely will have the new flexible screens and 12 core processors at this rate lol
Beware the Ides of March... or don't... I don't care. I'm just glad my upgrade comes in April. Hopefully this POS HTC phone can last until then. 
Ok just got my S3 weeks ago!
I have the S3. I desire a big phone like the Note2 or may wait for the Note3, whenever it appears. 
Wow....most of the world has not yet become proficient with the that chunk of money that spent on acquiring the S3 is all for not....
I don't think its too early for the galaxy s4. The galaxy s3 was announced on March-April if I remember correctly. It would make sense that they announce it at March.
May be the us cell providers will have a coupon day for all of those of us that either had to or just got a Galaxy S3....
As with previous launches, the Galaxy S4 would launch in Europe and Asia before the end of April, the fan site said, while the Americas, Australia, and Africa will get the phone around May or June. The Galaxy S3 launched in the U.S. months after its debut, partly due to carrier testing and scheduling needs.
Too soon, I do not think it will be out before May
S3 came out March last year didn't it? Maybe I'll see what the S5 is like.
Slow down Tito DAMN!!!!!!
A company which choose to follow a rival without innovation. Is destin to follow it's rivals trials and tribulations. the same cookie style product; resorts in a market gap. Which if not filled by it's trend setters will be a good breeding for innovators not followers. ...
I am waiting for the Google X, sounds unbelievable!
I can't wait for the S4 it's a must buy day 1... That said the S3 running CM10.1 is where it's at right now...... 
A company which choose to follow a rival without innovation. Is destin to follow it's rivals trials and tribulations. the same cookie style product; resorts in a market gap. Which if not filled by it's trend setters will be a good breeding ground for innovators not followers. ...
Why does Samsung release these Galaxy series so quick?? The S3 just came out in like june/july last year as the same with the S2 to S3. This sucks for people like myself who are in 2yr agreements..i just got my S3 in Nov....fml
I'm still using my Vibrant(no front-facing camera)..waiting for the S7, damnit.
+Nii hammond The vibrant can be upgraded to have a front facing camera. The price about $10, the procedure takes 30 minutes.
I think the release will come on june .. this is so soon.
They should have an update for the jelly the keylime pie.4.2
Too early but I still love s3
Crap.. my S3 is coming.FedEx tomorrow!!!!!!
I have to check out the specs and features when they come available. i am looking into buying a unlocked phone and the galaxy note 2 was tops on my list. With a 5 inch screen, if everything else adds up, this may take the cake.
Woo sa
you son of a donkey whore! i knew i should have waited to buy a new phone.
All about money smh can't even let the rest catchup before they drop something else pathetic 
It will be better if i got one
I have the Sansung Galaxy Note 2....the big dog of all smartphones. 
Get the Galaxy Note 2....It has a bigest screen with 8 megapixel of camera....good enough. Enjoy seeing youtube with a bigest screen and chat in live! Forget about Galaxy 3/4. Get the Galaxy Note 2 or...wait to Galaxy Note 3! Get the big pit bull! 
It fells like the GS3 just came out not to long ago,
Yeah...but has some extras and got bigest screen!
I read earlier today the S4 will be available in the States either May or June
Jay B
Are we sure CBS has approved CNET to publish this story? I mean come on......
Rather have my Galaxy Note 2 then the GS4
Personally, I like them to launch/sell the S4 by MAY or even JUNE...

What they should do NOW till that date is to update all their smartphones to the latest OS.

Tmobile will still sell a galaxy s3 LTE then there's galaxy S2 plus and many more handset that is in the pipeline.

They should slow down a bit & take care of their smartphones that is in the market NOW...

Thanks & have a great day to you all!!!

My s3 is doing so many amounts of boss work right now. I love it!!!
I like more the Note2...the pit bull of all smartphones
Can't wait for more info. It'll be interesting to see what new features they're going to add.
So not fair as soon as i get a new phone the ugrade man it sucks but love u Samsung
Can't wait to see an S IV forum pop up on #XDA  
Its been almost a year. Yeah its soon but technology is changing fast. Unlike apple who comes out with the same crap twice a year with minor differences.
They are just mugging Apple with this rapid development pace. 
For all those who want the physical home key removed, there are those that not only want to keep it but also want a full physical QWERTY.
Wow! Dam Samsung your starting to get greedy like apple. 
New phones running the same OS as the current model. I'll never understand some consumers nor the companies. Why not wait until key lime pie?
I think Samsung has adopted a refresh cycle of about eight months so this may not be that far fetched
What's wrong with all you clowns and hating the home button? Its bloody handy, I'd hate to have it taken away. 
How does the launch/announcement sit versus the Apple strategy anyone? Surely they are doing it to gap them further on sales?
Looking forward to it, love my s3
· WUXGA 1920×1200
· 4000mAh Li-ion removable battery
· 32GB onboard internal NAND minimum, 64GB NAND option
· 1440p 72fps HDR video H.265 HEVC
· 12fps for 2seconds burst mode, 0.1 lux, f/2.0, 20× optical zoom
· µSDXC card slot supporting up to 128GB capacity
There is more talk about S4 which is in the making, than there ever was about HTC Butterfly which is on sale for some time. Strange...
Let's hope its better than the S3 my S3 has died a death although I'm covered by the warrantee its seems a nightmare to get repaired/replaced. They r saying it could take up to 30 days as it needs to go back to manufacturer which is a nightmare as I do so much travelling. Think Samsung have a long way to go to match apples customer service. Never mind got my old old but reliable HTC desire to depend on 
Migs B
Can't wait...go sammy
I'm working overtime now so I can afford one of these. Have the note 2 now. 
If people would stop saying, "Ooooooohh! Aaaaaaaahh! Ohhhhhhhhhh!" to thinner phones, we could fix the limitations on battery.
Highly likely I will get one.
i didn't got an s3 cuz i was waiting for s4...!
Pretty fast release...should do every other year! I'll be sticking with my S3 for a good while so if they continue at this rate my next Galaxy will be a S6 or S7 (if it's still around by that time)!
Why so much updating.Samsung should fix the updating issue.
Ahhh, so March is the best time to roll out yet another phone Samsung? Other than probably costing $100 - $200 more than the S3 when it rolled out last March, what can it do?
Why does everyone complain about the pace? Nobody requires you to acquire every iteration. Skipping is fine. Let somebody else have the latest "Next Big Thing" for a while. It's okay.
Do y'all think it's gonna be better than the note 2?
It is coming a month later than htc m7! 
The clear reason an S4 will come out this year is because you know a new iphone will be out!
But apple won't announce it till right before the launch date!
Second is the sales numbers support more of the Galaxy line being made availabe so the gap between the two major players (apple n Samsung) can finally be alot closer! 
Samsung developed, showed, and probably will ship it in less time google devices reach europe.
I cancelled the Nexsuks orders I placed four months ago. I'm ready to buy the S4 and the Note 3. Samsung FTW; fuck Nexsucks
I want the virtual keyboard when is this feature to be added to phones?
Phil B
Wats wrong with the home button mines just fine
+Andy Burne Your carrier should be able to help you more quickly than Samsung can. I have a galaxy S2 and my back up phone is the HTC inspire running jelly bean 4.2.1, great phones. 
+Phil B nothing wrong with it! People who switched from a phone with a physical home button wanted the galaxy to have one!
The problem with a physically made home button is that it may get stuck or become slower in response due to over use, dirt and wear n tear! 
Hope the S4 will have facetime like those apple phones. Its a must have for me anyway :)
Samsung is trying to make rival after SONY launches Xperia Z..
For everyone who says this too early for a new version to be release I have a perfect solution!
Don't buy it! 🐒
Bring it on 4 android. We pipped the iphone wiv the s3. Gonna pull apples pants down wiv the s4.
+Reginald Lamb it will! They will call it Google hangout! Alot of people surprisingly don't use the many features Google offers like Google talk and the video chat service...but I assure you they work as well as the same ones with different names! I use Google voice as a free message and forward number! It works great with the widget on my Nexus7 and I know what calls I missed and get the message transcribed right on my screen! (Without picking up a phone) 
It should have nice battery timings
+adino adonai It's not too early. Announced in March, comes to USA around August, gets updated to KLP in November or December; January or February for Verizon ;-) 
What is does the s4 have that the s3 does not?
Maybe if it outspecs my n4, but otherwise, I'm waiting for the note 3
I hope they update all of there towers i have the galaxy 2 and 3 they drop calls like crazy from sprint towers
My only question is, have they fixed the horrible screen burn in problem that plagues AMOLED screens? I like the rumored specs but I think I'll wait for the X Phone. 
What the hell is wrong with this world this shit is ridiculous! I know tons of people who have yet to get the Galaxy s3. Don't tell me you're going to be like apple and come out with a galaxy s3 many in about a week.
+Ryan Brown Samsung comes out with phones much faster than Apple does. I don't really understand your comment.
Jeff Leger it's just silly no 1 has any patience for anything anymore these days . The reason why I say this is Apple came out with a new iPod every time you turn around . I even remember Saturday Night Live making fun of it. I just think the whole idea of coming out with a new cell phone every 3 months is a bit ridiculous that's all
Now I know what you're about to say it hasn't been 3 months . But you should get my drift about what I'm trying to say silly
+Ryan Brown Fair enough, but they're just following the same cycle that they've followed the past couple years. First they release a Galaxy S, then 6 months later a Note, then 6 months later the next Galaxy S, then 6 months later the next Note. It's not like the S3 just came out. By the time this is released it'll be a full year. The S3 is still a kick ass phone, but it's not exactly new.
Announcing a product and releasing a product are two different things. 
I dunno why everyone thinks its so quick!  Really!  Its this years device.  Its been close to a year...This is just an announcement.  Meaning it'll be a while before its actually released to buy.  the S3 was out and available to buy, May 29th!  With the S4 maybe it'll be April 29th.  Thats a year people.  Very normal.  ITs not fast.  You only think its fast cause the S3 is still a beast of a phone that is considered one of the best out there.  Unlike others who release phones and then are already outdated within a month.  We're talking about a premium device built to last at least 18 months.
Google X phone will be Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie... and as usual S4 will be updated on December.

But of course Galaxy brand is more popular than Android. (In terms of brand awareness)
Jeff Leger it's a shame I haven't even had my phone here it's already considered old.
Hope its waterproof like Sonys new xperia z if it ain't I'm going Sony

S4 will probably run lime key pie the new android service that comes out in late Feb early March I think not a 100% on the date or can be upgraded to this software
Samsung makes me almost not wanna stick with them. Too fast too soon. Thwy dont even go a whole year. Nexus line is my next device. I love my note 2 but i know we will see a 3 before october.
Some people need to look at a calendar. They're not releasing these devices any quicker than they always have. Can't blame Samsung because you bought a device 8 months after it was released...
SIII is by far my favorite phone and screw phones I lust want sprint to get there booties in gear and lte the world already.
+Jeff Leger exactly what i'm trying to get across to people.  Its a 1 year turnaround from teh time the S3 was actually released to when this one will most likely be actually released.
S beam is the future son and s3 erz gots it.
+Dale Dubnyk You can scream it till you're blue in the face, but people won't listen. Some people will still think they're coming out too fast for some reason. Unlike Apple, Samsung has high sales 12 months out of the year. Apple has one great quarter and 3 average ones. Samsung's approach is working great, and I highly doubt anyone will think the S3 is out of date just because there will be a newer model out.
Samsung your fast production of phones is reminding me of apple. Let the consumers soak in the enjoyment of the current phones. I would rather see a software upgrade than a fast turnaround of a phone
Right on my Birthday! Awesome can't W8 
I'm running an S2 with android 4.2. (Cm10.1) I don't see a reason to upgrade outside of screen size....
Do you find anything missing from the native Samsung experience running CM? Does the phone operate well without touchwiz having ahold of everything? 
Does anyone believe you guys anymore?
Another genius born through Samsung keep inventing Korea
Samsung will update all the apps when the new phone already sold. I'm s3
owner too I'll wait
Good luck with anything we got now brandin
Samsung will update all the apps when the new phone already sold. I'm s3
owner too I'll wait
Lol some people say anything. If anything Samsung has been pushing others because of their release cycle the S3 should have been launched with jelly bean instead it got it right before the new phone is released. Now this one will be released right before key lime pie +corian barrett 
It's not gonna be much of an upgrade from the S3
Are they doing anything about battery life ?
I got the s3 and love it. so the s4 must be nice. is there any new feature? And what are they?
I heard it's going to have a built in Blu-Ray player, for watching movies on the go 
Releasing the Galaxy S4 on a stationary Mercury about to go direct.....this should be interesting! Just a note of warning from your friendly astrologer. ~Namaste, CelticSeer
I will definitely get one I have iPhone 4 s but I want to upgrade to bigger screen for sure screen is too small while u r reading new 
If i recall correctly the S3 was announced last year in April but wasn't released until may or June? So maybe they're just going to announce it but wait awhile to actually release it?
How will it be better the Gs3 is already the top dog. I dont know about the note 2 which I have and it is great
Every phone I ever had has been Samsung so uma die hard. Knw time to jump ship now cause now they are really raising the bar. Definitely will stay on board..
C. Ford
Wow, I just bought the S3. They are starting to act like Apple. 
Talking about Android 5.0 "Key Lime Pie". Do you think Google will give it first to Samsung?

X Phone will be first Key Lime Pie and as usual Samsung will promise update on late August and update receive on December. 
Wow kinda too early for a S4 don't you think now you have to pay again to for a s4?
Cool...expecting it av a dual option....stil love my galaxy duos s :)
Dek Joe
timpal wak ngelah masih ne ......
Woooow this phone is gonna be one of the biggest phones out lets see if this differs from the s3
I'm waiting for this phone. So they better have the best of the best... Specially the camera need to be amazing and screen resolution
+Vincent Etienne Why would you buy a GNex a month before the announcement of the Nexus 4? That's just a stupid move.
I wonder how many people are gonna buy this phone
I bought my s3, 3 months ago never chase technology unless you phone is broke or your phone is really outdated 
What about S5? When will it come out? May? June maybe, and then S6 and so on lol
Dee Ed
It seems like it was yesterday that the S3 came out. That was fast for the S4. 
I got the S3 like a month ago. Really?
Galaxy only took the best parts from iPhone and let Apple keep the nonessentials. Far from cheaper. Just better.
Hope the specs are way more improved to reach up with the Note 2 specs 
Nah i will go for Xperia Z, samsung taking so long to release, anyway its just the same with sony xperia z, 5inch 1080p and 13 megapixel
And they are both quad core i guess sony will take my money first
I guess samsung doesn't want to left behind by Sony Xperia Z, that's why Samsung is in a hurry to catch up with Sony Xperia Z 
XPERIA Z is still better than S4 iknow it
Xperia Z is coming! too late samsung your so slow
MOBILE BRAVIA ENGINE of sony is 2x better than the super amoled screen of samsung try to look for yourself and you will understand what i am saying
I guess Sony does better, for its waterproof, unlike samsung they aren't Sony Xperia Z wait for me this March
I knew it was a reason why they started selling the s3's so cheap to new customer. 
S3 is still the best phone out rite now can't wait to check out the s4 when it come out 
Not interested. I have my Nexus 4 and iPad to keep me incredibly happy. LET THE FLAME WARS BEGIN! GO TEAM APPLEDROID!
Nice I was hoping something good came out when I was eligible for an upgrade :)
where's the innovation? 
em stil inluv wit my s2 but don mind gtin my hands on the s4
dorio x
5in phone, octa core. i like it.
Can't wait I liked the s3 but could not hold out and got the HTC droid dna and love it but looking forword to the release of the Samsung galaxy s4
i'll be waiting for galaxy note 4 because I have my galxy note 2 and i'm loving it :D
How do I stop these alerts every time some one comments??? New to Google+ 
+El Robinson You can mute it by clicking the inverted triangle on the top right from your browser. I don't know what it looks like on a phone.
iphone 5 will be nothing if s4 comes
Korean salesgirl at Samsung headquarters in Seoul said April 15...about 3 hours ago.
wow, what will be under the hood?
Why so soon? I know the S3 came out last June but why risk cutting sales of the S3 when it's competitors aren't bringing anything new?
They have to fix the battery life issue, that's boring to plug a smartphone all time
Much better than note 2 ?

+Marlene Williams you are soooo. On point..
I still have my Epic 4G Touch and loving it, Speed is awesome, I have the latest Jellybean on it. .. my phone will be the Note 2 , just waiting on my upgrade in another month.... Yaaaahhh!
The fact of discharging faster than Iphone 
People stop upgrading so fast cause Samsung is turning in to apple. Wow the S4 they added 4 megapixels and took the home button
I think the s4 and moto x phone will be a close race this year. For me the highlight of the year is going to be the note 3. Currently i own a note 2 and can't even fathom a better device. 
+El Robinson look at the top of the comments page and you will see a arrow button, a 🔃button and finally three : dots.
Tap the dots and it will give you an option to <mute >
Hit that and your no longer receive alerts on that particular article! 
+Armand Sellers the competition is coming out with new products and Apple will too, just
Won't announce it till a few days before they are ready to go into stampede mode!
Secondly apple total sales are due to the fact so many versions of their product out there!
If sales are up you want to keep customers coming! Those who chose another phone over the s3 might be tempted by the capability of the s4
Also keep in mind Samsung is in Asia and full scale s4 phones with all the whistles and bells wont be availabe till later on in the year!
This is simply an announcement that shows a ready product is nearing its initial launch date!
The S3 launched early last year but some people only recently picked up their phone and only recently did carriers approve the last upgrade!
As for me im perfectly happy with my 8gb N7 so i may not be the norm consumer they are targeting!
Or man just got used to mi s3 :( but no doubt I'll be getting one yeah Samsung ;)
+corian barrett your wish will come true! Google will no doubt upgrade the> os its just your need a Nexus brand or a rooted phone to get it out the gate! Going solely through a carrier will leave you in the dust!
My soon to be old N7 got the last update and will surely get the I'm fine with all the new gadgets :) unless the 1 i have fails Ill stick to the one I got!
But It is good to know there are more of the same on the way...devices this good need to be at full production level! 
Would like to see 2 stereo speakers with good sound quality in smartphones .
I like how when a new iPhone comes out, all the android fans joke and insult the people who are buying the next iPhone after the previous one. Little do they know that they are just as stupid, buying a S4 after the S3.

Why are people so stupid nowadays? 
Lovin my S3, but it doesnt surprise me the S4 is on its way....thats been the cycle. Just not sure how long I can stay on sprint at this point. No LTE soon and this overclocked badboy goin up for sale and verizon will be home. Cant wait to see what xda and cyan crew come up with for S4. Octa core processors....getting overclocked, oooh baby.
Home button is fine, I like it cuz it actually looks nice. The power key and the volume rockers being across from each other is what sucks. All this cryin about the home key hell it looks just fine. That power key is the pain in the ass!
cant wait s3 is great would love to see what new on s4
Omg cant wait im gasping for air I need a brown paper bag lol 
Ok so when does the price drop for the S III? I need a new phone and I can upgrade now.
Just got my S3 in November, looks as tho I'll be selling it for an S4..
not going to buy it unless the latest android comes installed.
cherry mobile flare s100... in the philippines!!!
I cant wait for the release. I am definitely getting one. 
This ticks me off just bought the s3 in January not thinking when the s4 might come out
Anyone can tell me about Samsung s4 advantage
ufff tiene un sistema androit para window tambn ta de lo mejor
What ever they do at least they should give long battery timing in s4
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