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Toshiba is betting big (literally) with the largest tablet screen yet: 13.3".
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It would be better if it had a keyboard like the transformer.
Wow... nearly twice the size of a reasonably usable tablet. I'm holding out for the Asus 7incher.
That would require one helluva murse.
Toshiba decided to beat Samsung 11.6 inch tablet. I still trust Samsung with my tablet rather than Toshiba. Their last tablet was so thick and unworthy of Android.
I'm holding out for a 42" tablet that can double as my living room television.
+Kevin Nguyễn i disagree. i think asus is better in terms of customer service by for this lenovo..its overpriced. no one wants to pay $650 for an android tablet. That is why the ideal price range is $199 like the kindle fire.
I'm waiting for a proper Samsung Tab
I'm waiting for Asus Nexus 7" I can't believe that Google delayed it for July!!
+Peter Brown they delayed it to lower the price down to $199. The current model was rumored to be $250 and they wanted something to compete with the Kindle Fire.
Now give me an active digitizer pen on something this size and I'm sold! A replacement for my aging X200 tablet
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