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Congress will hold hearings about killer asteroids:
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And nothing will change...
You would think our government had been watching this kind of thing, rather than waiting until something literally lands on us before looking into it. 
And while Congress is finally gearing up to talk about our asteroid problem, the +B612 Foundation and +SpaceX are actually starting to do something about it.
Well, they need to find the money because we will not be so lucky time and time again. 
These Jokers can't even come to an agreement on whether to wipe front to back or back to front... But hey, let's have a "hearing" and get on the TeeVeee...
If it gets money for NASA maybe its not such a bad thing
excellent question, where do they find money for anything else? they just print more and call it gdp.
Mike M, I stand corrected.  You are absolutely correct the printed money is not GDP, it is simply the money supply in the Federal Reserve.  my apologies for my misstatement, thank you
+Joe Mazziliano Take it out of the military-industrial complex and take it out of the prison-industrial complex. 
Dear Congress, let those who are actually qualified to deal with these matters handle it. 
That Congress is talking about it convinces me that they know nothing of statistics and probability.
They'll spend thousands contacting and trying to hire everyone in the planet named Harry Stamper before they figure out he isn't real...
Its already over ison is coming late 2013 to make electrical chaos.
instead of knocking out that backlog... let's freak out! Lamar Smith is an idiot who works AGAINST science.
what now there going to figure out how to tax us on this to and get a pay raise for them in a new bill ? 
Congress should just ban killer asteroids, or get Jesus to deal with them.
maybe we need a bigger asteroid or two to impact earth, maybe after that we will  start acting/thinking as humans first
Folks who don't know NASA already tracks these things are clueless. They de-funded NASA so they can give private companies the edge in space. Who are SpaceX's funders and stockholders? Why is one of their pads right outside of McGregor, TX, home of Oil King Bush II? Follow the money all the way to your favorite politician...
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