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Will definitely miss this!! Going to weekly was hard enough. Well, hopefully on to better things and programs. Loved the show.
Noooo but why?? +CNET always does this. The same happened with about 4 shows. This is sad. You evil +CNET . I get hooked up with a show to one day I'll have to let go the only show I watch from your site.

This makes me really sad. sad face :(
For years, I looked forward to listening to your podcast every day at work. But once the schedule went to a weekly format, I had a feeling that the end was near. Thank you all, current and past hosts, for making the tech stories both informative and entertaining to listen to!
Was there a specific reason it was ended? :(
Actually I am over Leo's constant ranting in toms attitude just turned me off. Maybe it's me but I think things were better in the twit cottage. Anyway, this is not about them. I will miss the show and hope that ones coming up will be even better.
You guys made my drive to work a bit more bearable for many years. I thank you all for that. Wish you luck in your new projects and looking forward to seeing you in whatever is next.
Sigh. BOL die. Buzz muted. Goodbye.
thanks for the good times listening to your show. will miss it!
Does anyone know where the archives are of this show, early ones in particular?
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