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Do you primarily use Microsoft Office, Google Docs or other?
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Docs. If only it had latex support... then I could say: ONLY Docs.
Google Docs at home and occasionally MS Word (or any Office product) at school but only if the Google Doc (or Presentation) files didn't convert correctly... which rarely ever happens.
Same as +Samuel R. I'd probably use Office at home as well if I had money to spare. Really, only use Docs at home for basic spreadsheets.
GDocs. When I'm in subway with no signal and have to edit something, Evernote in Android.
Ha, I am all for Google Docs - but for my grad school papers I can't risk errors during export to .doc format.
I avoid Office like the plague. Gdocs 4tw.
Office at Work; GDocs everywhere else.

Speaking of GDocs, what would be the easiest way to launch a new blank document after opening up a browser, is there an easy URL to use without going into
Office, but i save all of my files converted to Gdocs
Office at my day job; Google Docs at home and when collaborating on writing projects.
I've been using MS Word along with Windows Live Mesh to sync with SkyDrive for quite a while now. With the updated SkyDrive it's even better.

I've tried Google Docs, and I can see why so many like it, but it's just to basic for my needs. 
Office at work, Google Docs at home.
mostly google docs, unless i need to do some really complex pivot/vlookup in spreadsheets, for which i use libreoffice
googdoc works for everything I need.
Microsoft Office or Open Office
Microsoft has such a firm hold on the Enterprise, that they aren't worried that people are using alternatives.
Was a big Google docs fan, now with Google Drive, that has only solidified that.
I tried to replace M Office with GDocs and Libre Office as my default programs to edit or create docs and presentation but I just can't. Files I create with GDocs or Libre Office aren't shown correctly in M Office like how I made it and files made with M Office aren't show correctly on GDocs and Libre Office (.docx and .pptx). All of my colleagues use M Office so I have no choice but to follow the mainstream path.
I like docs, but the lack of off-line editing keeps me from full adoption. As a result i prefer LibreOffice with the Ooo2gd add-on, which enables syncing with Google docs directly from Libreoffice. In this way I have the best of both worlds: a full featured off-line office suite synced to a full featured online office suite (with all the extra add-ons Google docs brings with it). Here is a link to a couple of articles that explain what Ooo2gd does:


I really wish that Google would make a local office client that was integrated directly into drive, so that folks could continue working when traveling and not connected to the internet.
+Harris Hakim - I've even had Microsoft Office docs not format correctly on a different version of Microsoft Office on another machine. The doc format just isn't a reliable one, especially when dealing with different versions and settings. And none of them are perfect when you are going from one machine to another. If you need perfect formatting, then only way to insure it is to use PDF or similar.
+Michael Freeman thing is, every file I made with M Office is compatible on each of my friend's computer. No issue whatsoever. But when I make a document with GDocs or Libre Office, things will get chaotic. Imagine you're in a conference room and your presentation work is having formatting issues. It's catastrophic!
Like +Michael Freeman, if it needs to look the same on another computer, I save it to PDF. Otherwise I use GDocs or LibreOffice.

Is it piracy if I download a copy of Office 2010 just to convert docx files that don't look right in GDocs? I consider it a bug fix, since the new MS Office formats are obviously a bug.
+Harris Hakim - I think we are discussing two different things. When it comes to word processing documents, Google Docs/Drive and LibreOffice are for the most part, 1 to 1 equivalents to MS Word, in terms of compatibility of formatting. Things start to change when you compare excel files to Calc or the GDocs equivalent; and they really get screwy when you look for compatibility in presentation software. These are well known issues. In the case of LibreOffice, there has been a TON of work made to improve that compatibility, so that nothing is lost when a doc is written in LO and Opened in MSO. The same is going on with GD, but there there has definitely been emphasis on encouraging users to simply use GD as the primary editor for different kinds of docs, thus removing the need to cross-platform maintain compatibility.
I never use google docs i use always desktop applications but when i dont have it installed i use microsoft word online is quite good and i think have more options that google docs
+Harris Hakim - Yes, I can understand your reasoning. I'm just saying that I have had it happen with 100% MS Office (just different versions on different machines). I've also had LibreOffice/OpenOffice documents format perfectly fine on some MS Office machines. The only way to be 100% certain it will format exactly like you want it is to use PDF. That's what I do when formatting needs tight control (such as a presentation, like your example), taking the Murphy's law element out of it. Most likely the people you're exchanging documents with all have a similar enough setup that it works. You've been lucky.
Google Docs at home, and because we like to waste money MS Office at work. :-)
Google Docs great for home and small business use.
+Maksim Sergienko and don't forget school. Broke students (and schools on tight budgets) love powerful free tools. Schools especially love them if they help them lower their operational expenses. Since most schools in the US (not so in much of the rest of the world) are giant WIFI zones, this is a perfect option for students.
I hate office... Gdocs first, libre office second and then finally if there are compatibility issues due to people I work with using office I end up grudgingly using office...
After I formatted my HDD, never installed MOffice again. And I'm happy to do so, no more losing data, compatibility problems or forgetting my document when I need it on the go.
GDocs primarily without hesitating.
Back here in Ghana most of us use Ms office.ans I use it Always...I like it
I stopped using Microsoft Office as soon as I found out about Google Docs, and this is long before I joined Google. The ease of sharing in Google Docs is by far outweighing the few advanced features Microsoft Office has more (for now).
Openoffice all the way. Offline and free.
+Sam David - OpenOffice? Seriously? a more restrictive license; years of bad code that still has not been flushed out and lacking in features. By comparison Libre office has taken the OpenOffice code, cleaned it up, expanded on it, added tons of features and capabilities missing in OpenOffice. It is also more stable, has MUCH better stylistic compatibility with different formats (especially those in MS Office), and is compatible with a larger range of languages and formats. Add to that that any advancement the OpenOffice might introduce, because of their current license, is portable to LibreOffice (but LibreOffice code is not portable to OpenOffice), and like OpenOffice, Libreoffice is also free. There is a reason why LibreOffice has replaced OpenOffice as the default installation in almost all Linux distributions.
+Gabriel Walsh for my basic use, openoffice more than suffices. I had actually never heard of libre office. I shall check it out.
Mostly use Google Docs. Have to use Office @ work; been experimenting with Pages & Keynote for iPad. If I could combine the functionality of iWork (on a mobile device) with the organization & share-ability of Google Docs, I wouldn't use anything else.
Google Docs almost exclusively for the last 4 years. Very rarely I'll need to do a bit of formatting in Word before I print something.
Google Docs for informal stuff and collaboration, but Microsoft Office all the way for formal documents. MS Word can't be beat when you want to make a document look really great.

I can't afford multiple copies of MS Office, though, so I have OpenOffice installed on my laptop. +Gabriel Walsh thanks for mentioning LibreOffice. I had never heard of it before, but I'll install it now.

For the Google Docs users who love LaTeX, you can use You can make LaTeX docs, and save the results in Google Docs, so you can collaborate with others as well.
I convert all MS office stuff into Google Docs,never use bloated and useless MS office!! Microsoft Office is expensive shit crap!
Been a Google Docs user for a couple years now. I would much rather use that simple(r) software than the overpriced MS Office bloatware any day. They've got the enterprise customers hooked on Outlook. I look forward to the day when that reign of terror ends as well.
+Eduardo Bautista - that's a very ignorant statement. Many people use google products and are critical of them. I will give you though that Google+ does have its share of Google fans and that this discussion has taken on a bit of a turn toward MS Office bashing. That is unfair as MS office is an excellent product and in many ways the standard by which modern office suites are measured (personally I preferred Word Perfect until a few years ago). It is that standard that Google Docs/Drive has to compete against. As I see it, Google has been wise to not attack microsoft head on, and instead go after the value side of the equation (Small business, Government, schools and students), while at the same time working to improve the product. Even with that they still have a way to go before they can challenge MS Office directly (and that includes continuing development and improvement of their product). Lets not dispense the Fanboy term so loosely please.
+Gabriel Walsh I haven't really tried it, but it looks like if you use Google Chrome, you can enable GDocs in offline mode. It won't let you create new documents, but says it will let you edit anything that is cached. I assume if we still had Google Gears, they would be able to add some sort of offline mode, but the push seems to be toward needing Chrome if you want to do a lot of extra things with many Google products.
+Eduardo Bautista That is a little harsh. While I have to agree that you are bound to find more Google Fanboys here than Microsoft Fanboys, that does not mean that everyone who uses Google+ is a Google Fanboy. If it didn't cost so much, I would probably still use MS Office at home with skydrive, instead of GDocs.
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