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This Tron-style floor may be the future of sports:
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I wonder if it hurts more if you were to fall. Seems like the future, but expensive?
I am waiting for the first time this is hacked in the middle of the game. Making the lines move and ripple or having sharks chase the players or random "power ups" on the court would be fun.
Not sure on whether it would end up being more expensive.  Figure what it has to cost these arenas to change out the floors for every different type of game.  if they can light these under basketball one night, and under the hockey ice the next without any major workload, it could prove cost effective in the long run.  Longevity would be the question for me.  And seriously, how fun would it be to have sharks with lasers on their heads chasing players and shooting at them real time?  LOL
Idk about this for basketball though. How flexible is it? And like Alan said it could be hacked. How bout you watching a nationally televised game and somebody decided to turn the floor into the worlds largest porno? It would be cool but the kiddies will be traumatized lol
You can avoid any hacking issues (other than physically inside the building by an employee) by making the controlling system network UNattached.  Why would the controlling system need to be connected to the internet to control an internal system?
Just don't see any type of lighting being under foot being advantageous to the players. See it more as a detriment.
I like the way that it looks. Very nice. However, practicality I'm not sure of.
Wouldn't that interfere with the game if a player were to look down at the lights? 
+Ed Linvill Im with you Ed. Seems a bit far fetched with the current tech out there. i can just see glass shards and law suits.
Anything that has neon colored lights "'Tron' style!" 
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