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The fourth-generation iPod Touch has been upgraded with new software and a boost in capacity. Here's our review:
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+CNET: Boost in capacity, what the heck? It was available in 8, 32, & 64 GiBs before, now in 16 & 32 GiBs. What boost, you liars?
I agree with David I thought 16gigs was 16gigs 
+David Boshears They aren't necessarily talking about storage capacity but just the devices overall performance. Also, the starting price is the same and it has twice the capacity of storage that it had last year... so that is a boost.
Did anyone actually read the piece?  If you lower the price by $100 and offer the same capacity as the previous year's model then you have effectively offerred a dollar/gig storage "boost".  Pretty simple.
Capacity: The maximum or optimum amount that can be produced. 
Read again the review starts out saying a boost in capacity... 
+Jimi Moorehead If you are just looking for a larger capacity figure and not taking into consideration the year to year dollar to gig cost you are misunderstanding CNET's use of "capacity boost".  
+Caleb Lawrence Then I come to the second part of my argument: the performance of the device did not change at all, the software was optimised for everyone's iPod touch 4g. The hardware didn't get hit with Elven magic.
+David Boshears Could CNET's copy editor have done a better job?  Sure, I'd agree with that.  However, I'd argue that  the itch created by this article doesn't warrant much scratching.  
Yep. I got my own new iPod a couple of weeks ago. In fact, I'm typing on it right now. 
@thomas gehman, i also have the google+ app on my iPod, whats the Deal with that? Is it Not allowed to use it for apple Users? ;)
The fifth generation ipod looks bigger and better
Seriously?! Why do people prefer the 5th gen over the 4th gen, when you can get a refurbished 4th gen for $130?  I mean, Siri isn't so great, and I bet people who own an ipod don't use the camera much. The only good thing I see about the 5th gen is its size and its design, but is that really worth almost 200 bucks?
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