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Does your company force you to use Internet Explorer?
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no but people here havent got the memo that you dont need to use the default.... and probably shouldnt
especially when they deep freeze the computers and IE has outdated flash/java/usability
Because it is the only browser that effectively wants active X correctly, and thus enables you to update Windows anytime. It is also fully integrated within Windows. Why download something else when one thing is already there and working great. Last , it has proven to be fast and Microsoft continues to make it better and more secure work with every patch. 
If you use SharePoint you kind of have to.  Otherwise, no, we can install other browsers.
No...we have the options of using IE...Firefox or Chrome. 
And outlook web access. Everything else is a practical joke
We do not have the option of using anything else than IE. Uuuugh Any software is pushed by corporate yuck
Yes. I'm the secretary in Hell and PA for Lucifer. We have no other option. I hear that in Heaven they use Chrome........ JEALOUS 
IE is the default where I work but it's slowly progressing into Chrome one by one
+Jennifer Costa see what I was saying the other day
I don't mind the latest IE, though I still use Chrome as my go to browser. But even to work remotely I have to use IE for full functionality with our work systems.
They force us to use google chrome where I work :S All the computers :(
with crome and fox I have a lot of trouble with them crashing and freezing up
I use Chrome whenever possible. My university asks us to use either firefox or IE to use the special homework or test programs like blackboard because they are (so far) the only ones that can make sure that I don't switch to another tab while being in that homework or test page. Other than that I watch youtube all the time and Chrome works with it the best. I use chrome for everything now because its so much faster and it saves all my bookmarks so I can access it on my tablet and my phone. IE is still not convenient for university students like me.
Firefox has gotten extremely bloated especially with any plugins. chrome is great but it has a problem with keeping stuff in memory after it's closed and has some problems with tabbed browsing.
Chrome integrated with Google voice allows me to plug in a headset into my computer, use my contact management system, and make call after call, right through my computer without ever having to pick up the phone. 
At work, we are still using Windows XP and Internet Explorer 7. Today, as a result of still being stuck with IE7, we lost access to a government web site with information that is critical to the functions of my work group -- it simply no longer supports IE7. And instead of working with us to fix the problem by upgrading to a modern web browser, some in our IT group instead look for work-around patches (they are discussing virtualized access to a new OS/web browser, but only for a couple of us). I understand the business need for "standard workstations," and why we must stay with Internet Explorer, but we can do better than still be using IE7. Very sad, and frustrating. Meanwhile, productivity suffers.
Kathy G
I can't help but notice all the MS Outlook and IE advertisements about google ie; scroogled.  Imagine MS being threatened by Google Mail and Calendar.
Some applications require IE and don't support others.
IE10 is much better(than IE8)…(╯3╰)
We're not forced, but we have applications that for whatever reason only work in Internet Explorer.  We keep pushing the vendors we work with to make their programs compatible across all browsers, but it's a slow process.
Sigh...Most of our internal applications are ran souly through IE unfortunately
I use chrome at work for internet. I cannot remember the last time I used IE @ work.
Kathy G
My job uses IE as the default browser as well as for intranet.  We have a net nanny in play so can only get certain websites.  We are also on an Outlook system which I do not like. Our computers are pretty old with limited functionality.  For example, I cannot access any settings for viewing.  Some computers or I should just call them terminals are unable to utilize a basic word processor or spreadsheet or print from them.  We have to save anything to an assigned server vs. resident pc.
Kathy G
What I hate about Outlook is that I have to delete an email twice for it to disappear "foreever."  
Kathy G

Some normal functions do not work on our Frankenware, but thanks

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