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When only retro-chic will do...
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Kids will wonder why the table is made to look like a "Save" icon...
I use to open up the floppy and scratch the inside to be free from an essay I would say well this floppy is defective I had my project in it lol
Thirteen for win 95?  You should have seen OS/2.  That bad boy had 35 disks.  And, it had a tendency to fail on disk 17.
I still have some floppy disks. They make cool coasters 
Miss you floppy, i remember you in my computer... don't worry we have your successor Pen Drive
Barry R
I still keep some of mine for old times sake
Is there a 5.25 version or the monster 8 inch
Its wicked awesome, but you lost at $930. Pfff.
It's not as if you couldn't duplicate tis yourself for about 15% of te selling price.
+Joe Matthews Oh puhleeeze ! So it won't be steel: square of plywood/butcher block/etc, legs from Ikea, a ruler and some paint and Bob's yer uncle
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