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What is the best free Office 2013 alternative?
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No question about it: Google Drive/Docs!
I've been using LibreOffice.
I do Google docs I don't like you can't use it offline unless you are using Chrome. +Jose Bucud how do you like libreoffice
You get what you pay for.
 And once again fuck you CNET! You biased assholes.
+Rafik Samman Wait biased for what? Giving people with kids alternatives to paying for Office? Legal ones at that? How about how Google Docs lowers the costs for small business or how Open Office/LibreOffice is now in use in third world countries because of the costs.

Microsoft Office is fine but why pay when LibreOffice is free? Heck why bother when most of what you need can be done with Google Docs? That's not biased its giving all the options.
Google Drive for sure ^_^ (if only google updates its G-drive android client :-/ then everything would be just great :D)
+Omar Bizreh Oh that is very true. Google has been very lax with the mobile version of drive. That and renaming it every six months gets old.
Paper and pencil...

or pen - if you're gutsy!  o_O
+Wayne Moyer thats what I hate about google. When they forget a product it will take a life time before they are back to work on it :-/
+Rafik Samman it does suck, and I hate it. but one my friends LOVE it while he hates Microsoft office. Conclusion: It's a personal opinion, all that CNET did was providing users with alternatives for them to try out and then decide ;)
+Rafik Samman It works fine for myself and my kids. Let's see do I buy legal copies or Office or deal with an older UI with Libre Office for free. Tough choice. 
Ive been using OpenOffice for years! 
CNet does a fair amount of flame baiting because they know the holy warriors will come out in droves to attack/defend their favs.  The objective view is this:  

Google Drive can suit 70-80% of casual users and OpenOffice will suit 99% of all users.  The choice between those two depends on your need for a cloud-ready solution.  Since this has been the case for years, it is a simple deduction that those still using Microsoft's  software after all this time are simply not open to using alternatives.  No amount of improvement or capability by other software will lure them away so leave them alone and let them pay if it satisfies them.  Some people like to pay 8 bucks for a cup of coffee that they could get for a buck and some like to pay 400 bucks for software they could get for free.  It's their money.
Open office is also free. I use Google docs also, until I purchased Microsoft office professional 2013 for $10 thanks to my cousin whose company gets a great discount.
I personally use OpenOffice, though I do need to check out the Google Drive bandwagon.
I've been using OpenOffice for years now. Great alternative!
The best free office alternative is office from tpb lmao
+Dirk Dodson And a Lexus is a "half-ass" Mercedes.  If you get all emotional and refuse to drive it even though it's free and will get you where you want to go, I'd say such a person is...not thinking logically.  

The last article I read about the average person's usage of MS Office said that the typical person uses around 10% of it's functionality and doesn't even know what most of the menu functions do.  Why pay for functions you have no idea how to use?
+Dirk Dodson

There isn't anything half-ass about Google Drive. It has all the functionality that 90% of users need.

Microsoft is dying. Google is the King now.
I use google doc and skydrive. Both are very good and I highly recommend 
+Dirk Dodson The term "You get what you pay for" is an axiom that is not all encompassing.  If it was universally true then nothing would ever be overpriced and anything you could pay for would by force of universal law, be a good value.  Unfortunately, the universe doesn't work that way.

When I bought my first PC in 1992 there was a 486/33 IBM-clone selling for $1899 sitting next to a true IBM-brand 486/33 selling for $2999.  They had identical specs but the salesman wanted me to pay the extra $1100 for the sole benefit of saying that mine was real. When I told him I wanted the $1899 clone he said, "You get what you pay for." I wondered what kind of idiot he thought I was.  Ask the typical person what capability MS Office has that Libre Office or Google Drive doesn't have and the blank stare you get back will indicate that they are the same kind of idiot that salesman thought I was.
By the way, speaking of unused functions in MS Office, we've known for over a decade that Microsoft needs to iterate Office every couple of years just to maintain it's revenue from those who upgrade by reflex.  Word for example has been a mature product since the late 1990s but Microsoft brainstorms to come up with a couple of bullet-point, check marks that they can print on the box of the next product.  Those check marks are what you are paying for and are rarely usable functions for an average user.

And make no mistake about it. The main thing you are paying for is the new file format which is intentionally made incompatible from one version to the next so that you will inadvertently pressure your friends and coworkers to upgrade in order to be able to read the new file versions you are proudly spewing because you think it shows how far on the bleeding-edge you are.  Microsoft laughs all the way to the bank and you get nothing but new features you can't use, for a couple hundred bucks.
I use Open Office and Google Drive a little. Prefer the free stuff-have to get my girls through college and buy myself cheap clothes at Plato's Closet.  Nice trade-off for women.   lmfao!!
+Dirk Dodson provides a sterling example of an opinion that is entirely without merit.  He says "the fact is" and then follows that preface with an opinion but facts and opinions are different animals.  My position was never about Google Drive being "better" than Office but Drive is unarguably a better value unless it can't serve your purpose and that is rarely the case.  Businesses use MS Office for one reason:  inertia.
I use Google Drive for business and I find it very efficient to work with. It's wide range of utility coupled with Google's other products and any business has a unified tool arsenal to meet almost any business demands and/or workflow.
Rob A
I think rafik is referring to the ces film/flam on best in show award
Libre Office is much better than Microsoft's confusing edition and it's free.
I use Microsoft Office at work. Visual Basic is what brings it value for me 
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