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Samsung is developing some revolutionary tech. Will they withhold it from Apple?
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Everyone has their price.
I think they would happily sell billions of dollars worth of displays to Apple just like they do now with processors.
Apple is moving away from Samsung as their chip maker. 
Content-owners have to fear a world where governments can sanction you for not selling your IP or not making your IP available for a "reasonable" price.
Apple is leaving Samsung for chips and displays
I'm still trying to understand how flexible display technology can help with phones. I think if they were super durable, that would be good. But it's not like we need or want cylindrical displays.
+Clint Olsen It's rarely stated explicitly, but it means a lot less room being taken up. Displays now are very thick and add a lot of girth to the phone. Hopefully, these displays won't mean thinner phones, but more room for battery and other components. 
I hate when people put Apple and innovation on the same sentence.
+Clint Olsen , as someone who recently paid the consequences of dropping my razr maxx and cracking the screen, I am very interested in flexible screens for no other reason than to not worry about cracking another expensive screen!
+ John Henderson. Get over your Apple Samsung obsession. Why make flexible displays and not thinner displays if you want bigger battery in your phone. It has no real practical use for a mass market consumer at this time. If anything, they will be used on buildings as billboards. 
I think that Samsung will dominate apple for 2 years then Motorola then another new company. If am not mistaken nokia was first then Motorola then black berry, apple is at its last and Samsung is next. Please correct me if I'm wrong. 
It's a fact that apple stole the flexible screen technology? Learn the difference between fact and fiction coupled in your imagination. If you think hard enough you might far and think you are in Oz. I didn't ask for bigger battery, if you read the post others have mentioned all day, you'll see what I was talking about and not just crack open to chat as much fart as you have. 
I think Samsung is far more innovative than Apple as of right now. Litigation and patent war has forced Samsung to its best, while Apple is falling way behind. 
Do they have Roseta Stone in Oz, where the wonderful wizard can give you an imagination? 
The funny thing is you seem to be the only one laughing and that says it all. 
I too agree that you have to dial it down, adeg. No matter how you put it, Apple has not invented all the stuff they claim they have.
+adegbola arimoro Screens now can't be made any thinner. There's a layer of glass, the screen, and all the components that make it work. Look at that pic and notice how thin it is. That's a whole bunch of different layers consolidated into one.  
Too much for you to understand. My written English not good enough for you? Think, then speak. It makes you sound more intelligent and not less intelligent. Sometimes the bigger the pie hole, the bigger the garbage that falls out of it.
Now back to flexible screen tech. Wasted enough time with Mr Henderson. 
+ Cory it still doesn't explain the necessity to be flexible. You make things flexible if you intend on using them on curved or irregular surfaces. Just my opinion. Its a great idea but waiting to see the application in real consumer terms. 
+adegbola arimoro as I stated above, flexible screens will bend if dropped, not crack. That alone could save someone hundreds of dollars. I think that's a real application for consumers.
How long before the apple farmers start their junk? 
I'd like to think their engineers were all excited to sandwich the layers together, then some executive says, "It's bendy! Consumers will love it!", as he bounds off singing merrily about synergy. The engineers just turn around and go back into their labs.
+Logan how much do those screens cost to produce? If they are cheap then maybe they will be using to save a couple hundred dollars. 
Why are we arguing against new technology? Just because someone can't see a reason? Why not just because?
Big screen TV at home with this tech would be awesome, no more heart attack when the 4 yr old throws his toys at it
+Franklin Mendez innovation and apple goes bout as great together as anything what was the tablet PC before the iPad and what was MP3 players before apple just cuz u think apple has never innovated doesn't mean it has never happen what smartphone did u own before the iPhone get real bro.
+adegbola arimoro Reading your comments and I do have to question your grasp of conversational US English. Also, it is blatant that you are easily offended by criticism and resort to petty insults.
Apple products have always offered quality, but I think they are way too overpriced. Innovation on the other side, I doubt it. Their marketing plan is perfect everyone loves apple thanks to it.
+yassine Laarichi I never said Apple invented anything but the iPod iPhone and iPad has far more great thing than just the apple logo answer me this what did smartphones look like before 2007 and what did tablet pcs look like before 2010 I dare u to back up your answer with something relevant.
Ok Samsung now is the time to start fileing ridiculously broad patents (as SOME company's do and I think we all know who)
Samsung is technology king period. Aint nobody touchin them. Thats why apple tryna comeb at them with patents b cus all of the bullshit iphones and keep up with samsung samsung says " the next big thing is already here"
Wonder what the resolution would be on these flexible screens??? Regular position its 320 dpi but once bent its 640 dpi ha;)
+Brandon Unthank King of what Samsung is king of bullshit. They make the same things as every one else ranging from refrigerators stoves and phones its all the same as everyone else the only real tech they've made this decade is making a 5.5" phone that works just like the S3 there tablets r shit computers r shit as well as TVs and I know I have one I had to learn the hard way there products r all the same and fixable screens suck unless the glass and plastic bends as well 
I think it is funny how everyone says Apple lacks innovation when they are the only company that strictly uses industrial grade materials on their technology. They have redesigned the global UI, started the App store revolution and innovated an entire music industry that nearly perished due to piracy... The box is much bigger than the silicon components that they buy to put inside, people...
Considering the patent wars taking place between apple and every other developer, I see this as a major blow. What people are failing to notice is the potential these kinds of displays will have in nearly every field. Think smart paper for note taking in classrooms for one... I am extremely impressed!
Apple is so good at innovation that they could not even create a mapping technology for their own devices. I guess they got so wrapped up with taking everyone else to court that they forgot about ripping off Google!
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