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The most downloaded Windows apps of 2012 were...
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I loathe anti virus software, it takes up so much resources.. where are people getting these viruses lol .. half the top 10 apps are anti virus and cleaners.. geez.
The best and worst aspects of years end is the absolute flood of top 10/100 lists that always pop up. 
I love that more people downloaded Open Office than MS Office. Quick question though, why have separate categories for different IE versions when Chrome and Firefox had one entry each? Versions shouldn't matter (and it isn't like IE came anywhere close to the others, even with 8 & 9 combined.)
Say NO to virus land. 
Windows is virus land.
AVG is the best anti virus sofrware. I have avg on myfpo laoptop, desktop and phone. CCleaner is on my laptop
I'd rather go around without an Antivirus on my Windows... It always slows down the performance and there's nothing to be afraid if you're not around suspicious places.
13+ million YT download progs? Why download when free converters are available online?
+Juan Francisco Gregorio Andrade that's not entirely true because dozens of legitimate websites are hacked and infected every day. You can get an infection just by visiting such website without clicking anything at all. The rough malware can completely ruin your Windows beyond repair and sadly a Windows reinstall is often the only solution.
The MS Security Essentials is lightweight and not slowing down much. MS SE + periodical scans with Malwarebyte's Anti-malware is good enough to keep the PC clean.
+Dejan Renčelj Very well said. I am using the same combination with very good results. MSE and an occasional scan using Malwarebytes (both free) have done well for me the past few years.
+Tamás Gombos suspicios I mean porn pages, downloading illegal stuff. That kind of places where it's more common to have malware attached. Haven't ran into trouble avoiding all of those.
Thats a depressing list and a great reminder why linux is so much more fun (and productive)
+Juan Francisco Gregorio Andrade Most common but not the only places. Altough I agree with your point. The best protection is still something called: common sense. No antivirus can defeat that.
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