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Which browser do you prefer to use?
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Chrome. On the desktop (well, Chromium for Linux— I like the bleeding edge), the laptop, and yes, the Android device.
Chrome. So useful how it syncs across computers and phone. 
Chrome until this month when I made the change from Firefox
why does it not surprise me that we G+ folks like Chrome.
+Dawn Ellen Miller Well is not favoritism is that Google just happens to make everything the best they do no wrong. 
Always chrome,I'm a Chinese,l have used chrome for about three years,and in the future I will still use it.
My browser User Agent:
Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.11 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/23.0.1271.95 Safari/537.11
+Luo Cheng You wrote Linux x86_64: I am impressed. You are one of the few braves.
I dabble between Firefox & Chrome. 
It sucks and i'm not trolling, try play youtube video that posted on facebook.. fail.
Hey Microsoft... only a Sith deals in absolutes.
After spending most of today trying to get a web page containing HTML5 media files working, I can say the only one which gave me no grief was Chrome. It all just worked the way it should. Firefox had issues with formats -- it doesn't support mp4 because of Apple licensing. And IE just failed completely. There's no reason for anyone to use anything but Chrome.
ie , the best browser , for downloading a better browser , (chrome)
Chrome followed by Firefox on window platform as well as Apple.
Gmail under Chrome is unbeatable , years ahead of other email systems, I feel.
well im using IE on windowsphone and xbox, and for work related pages on pc,  actually they made some progress since previous versions. it isnt that bad now. However i still preffer chrome.
Only Chrome, on desktop as well on mobile (OS X/Android)
Firefox on PC.. Chrome on tablet and Android stock browser on my phone
My default browser is Opera (is the best..for me), the second place is for..Google Chrome (I'm happy with it), and the third place is for Firefox. 
Shows the sad state of affairs that M$ is in recently ;)
Chrome and ie10. Sounds crazy but there are a few websites that aren't optimized for chrome. :-/ 
Linux Firefox no question.. when chrome steps up their game for Linux then maybe I'll switch.. reason being, I never get pop ups with Firefox on Linux.. with Chrome I received pop ups left and right.. also features in the Windows version are not as advanced in Linux distros which is weird since android is a Linux flavor ?!
On my Mac I use Chrome for Google and Facebook, but Firefox for everything else. Keeps my cookies separated that way.
+Rudy Rude I don't get any pop-ups with Chrome. You just need to tweak your settings.
I still use Firefox daily at work everywhere, and Chrome / Firefox at home.  Sorry IE, though your had was well done.
Microsoft's IE in the early-mid 00's was the best, they were leading the W3C in features. Even Firefox with all the hype and MS hate couldn't take away IE's 95% market share.

Chrome has really changed everything, it's faster, more functional, and  rarely ever fails.  I'm also a big fan of Opera too, but for me Chrome performs faster.

Microsoft needs to understand that we are not haters and trolls, we just want to use what performs best for our usage. For many it's not IE, Chrome currently has more then 50% of the browser market and that is what Microsoft is attacking in this ad.

Microsoft has created the situation they are in and attacking their internet user base doesn't seem very smart to me.
I prefer Chrome myself.  I do like IE8, what we have at work currently, for SharePoint sites or a second view when coding HTML.  10 has a nice feeling to me.  Not huge one Firefox, but I did use it when Ubuntu was my primary OS and outside of some odd script issues it did the job.
Windows&linux its Chrome. S3&nexus 7, it Chrome and firefox. The reason to use firefox is because of its Lastpass extension.
As for IE10, I'm not planning to get windows 8 pc/rt/phone so i dont know if i have a "troll" tendency or not. If they bother to put it out on W7, I'll let you know. 
to me, chrome is a more seamless and hassle-free experience, since it does sync everything without my telling it to.
I love my Custom source code made firefox and chromium based chrome browser .. IE Sucks .. 
I've never had an issue with IE, I use it daily!
IE10 is still not good enough. Putting lipstick on a pig only makes a prettier pig.

Oh, but I guess according to MS that makes me a troll?
Chrome on desktop and Dolphin on mobile.
I still like the Firefox/Thunderbird combo better.
It's not just IE I hate everything Microsoft have ever made, Except the Xbox and even that gets worse every upgrade as they just keep added more and more adverts to the dashboard.
Ice Dragon.  I'm running Vista and I've heard that IE10 won't work on Vista.  In response, I'm beginning to realm of Linux.  Besides, there's no decent ad blocking freeware for IE9...
Chrome leaves the others in dust.
Today most of the world can't imagine life without it.
Alf Rey
Chrome, Opera.
+Caleb Lawrence ok.. but it still lacks features offered in the Windows version.. so while chrome returns to beta for android hopefully we'll see some improvements for Linux too
Even IE9 & IE10 are VERY slow to respond and too crappy to load T____T
I prefer to use GCHROME :) it's easy and simple to use
Everyone's going to yell at me for this but IE9 on my machine is faster than everything else I've tried, including Firefox and Chrome.

It's still got issues though, like when it doesn't want to let flash work and cuts off my Youtube watching.
Is there really any other browser left besides Chrome?! Chrome all the way. Fast, clean, efficient, and safer against drive by website malware.
Chrome! Why? Because is the best! 
+Chad Brown I am just stating.. maybe you should upgrade your computer.. Firefox and chrome are memory hogs
IE to dowload it.  B§
IE is the most compatible browser around. Hate it or love it, It'll run any web page better than both Chrome and Firefox. (Chrome and Firefox do soak up a shit ton of memory)
Appreciate the link but the line of work I'm  in Chrome is useless, no matter how fast it is. Compatibility issues. I use Firefox for personal use.
Mozilla Firefox, not a different browser, a browser who make a difference.
Chrome, if chrome isn't working at that moment, Firefox. NEVER IE except for testing purposes in web work.
IE10 its good, well just say decent, but still not as good as firefox or chrome, and I prefer #firefox
Chrome for desktop and Firefox for my Android tablet. 
Dolphin beats them all including Chrome
I agree that on mobile Dolphin is the best. Chrome for Android disappoints in features, stability, and performance.

But on Windows, nothing touches Chrome.
Chrome on my PC and Safari on my IPhone.
Sounds like Microsoft just might be a little bootybothered. I mean go damn son we're still arguing about this?
Chrome on all my PC's, my 40inch Google TV, and Chrome on my Galaxy Nexus with Jelly Bean! That means bookmarks synced across all devices. 
It looks like I'm the only one who uses IE10. It's very fast, fluid and does what it should do...
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