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Here's a crazy thought: Google+ can thrive without Facebook tanking. Agree or disagree?
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I don't see Google+ as competition to Facebook, to me this place is more like-long form Twitter.  Where I follow interesting people.
Interesting article. The Internet seems large enough to support multiple social networks, especially if they offer different features. This idea of "for me to win, you must lose" doesn't have to exist here. Short answer, yes, they can both exist and serve the interests of their target audience. 
People think of G+ as 'Facebook clone'. Google needs to break the assumption.
Rivi Del
I agree that they can co-exist. But I prefer Google+.
+Google+ is different from Facebook, making a different kind of social networking experience. The simple explanation is that on Google+ you create a real network, based around interests and discussion, on Facebook you just creat a connection with people you already know. Privacy controls and the "news" stream on Google+ gives a run for the money not only by Facebook but also by Twitter.
I prefer G+ over FB because here not every comment I make shows up on someone else's stream especially with no way to control who sees what - G+ connects people with similar interests while Facebook throws everything in your face. 
I Like: Of course, Facebook took longer than the 18 months that Google+ has been in the marketplace to become the juggernaut it is today. And it's easy to forget that people thought Google was hopelessly late to the party when it launched ... a search engine.
Teddy A
Yes they both can exist
Ling Li I'm Brazilian
Agree. I prefer Google +. A poorly ran Facebook will run itself broke long before any competition can. 
good place to learn english
Sgt Anon
what's Facebook? :)
Agreed. Two totally different things.
Facebook might as well be dead. It's nothing but pictures of Jesus and bullshit from tumblr. It's going down. Just like MySpace did
Course it can, plenty of fandroids to congregate en masse to keep G+ afloat
Kathy G
I have been on Facebook over the last year and am finally winding down my usage.  I've noticed more ads directly in my newsfeed and have seen how companies and organizations that I follow have had their posts diverted or not sent without paying large fees which kind of negates the whole purpose of Facebook as a vehicle of communication.  I've increased my usage of Google+ as well and so far, have liked what I see.   It is kind of like Twitter where I can follow peeps and communicate with them as well (where Facebook has more of a fan page kind of thing).  Most people who use Facebook for interacting with people they know or have met will probably stay there though.  But then, those are the people who post incessant pics of children, cats, stupid jokes/platitudes/chainshares-- stuff I can live without anyway.
What is Facebook again???
This is a point of contention? facepalm Android and iOS live together in the same universe... why not G+ and Facebook?
Not that crazy a thought!

G+ and FB are currently providing quite different experiences (though the services may look similarly structured).

The article describes this quite well.
am happy to have no drama in g+. :) 
They're just producers of their own design.
Of course they can coexist on the internet, but to thrive?
There are a handful of social networks that some will recognize, but just a select few that everyone knows.
Google+ will have their work cut out for then no doubt. But I like it so far!
I'm on my nexus 7 posting this. And let Me tell you there is definitely a different experience with g+ especially in mobile. The app actually is functional and speedy. Facebooks current offering in mobile is a joke. And as of yesterday they have yto split it into 3 different offerings. Messaging, mobile app and now photo sync. Its a jumbled mess. Where g+ will shine through is in its integration into our mobile operating system. Its clean and pretty well done. Facebooks poor choice of display ads in news feeds and its sub par mobile offering will slowly chip away at its market share. Not everybody will leave Facebook entirely. But they will make room in their lives for offerings that do things better in their lives. G+ is about discovering content and sharing it with those that are like minded. Facebook is for friends. And honestly the more time I have spent on g+ the more I have realized that my friends interests do not align with mine. Here I have a place to geek out and have some intelligent conversation. And I learn something interesting every day from this community. I don't get that on Facebook. 
Google + takes the place of Twitter. I use Facebook to keep up with friends and family. If I could get friends and family to G+ I wouldn't need or use Facebook.
The Internet is littered with the corpses of "Internet juggernauts".
+Kevin Timmons You have hit the nail right on the head. My exact thoughts also.  I was sick and tired of seeing the same people posting the same bullshit on Facebook.  I come over to g+ and subscribe to what I like and I'm loving it.
I follow businesses and feeds here because the platform for them is so much better and I keep up with my family and friends on Facebook. Google+ really isn't about your friends and family, once you figure that out, there is a place for both. 
i never used facebook, but now i use google + :)
+Jodi Jetton Actually, I primarily use g+ with my friends and family. The hangouts/video chat are wonderful and the method of circles is far superior to facebook for sharing content with specific groups.
They both cater to completely different groups. If you're a liberal, Apple hating, scientist /engineer / programmer / tech person that lives in San Francisco or NYC Google+ is for you. Facebook is for everyone else. 
Kathy G
I think that Facebook will eventually overplay their hand and lose users and there will be something else the people will go to.  Whether it will be + , I don't know.  The Googleverse is much more integrated and while FB is trying to emulate it,  FB needs to return increased percentage of profits each quarter to satisfy it's shareholders, it is pretty much guaranteed to tank.  While the shark hasn't been jumped yet, it is certain to. 
Agreed. G+ is a much more mature/professional environment than Facebook. It's populated with interesting information and people, not with what everyone had for lunch.
Agree.   I continue to believe that the two use case sets for Facebook and Google+ are distinct.    Facebook is much more for keeping tabs with farflung friends.   Google+ is for discovering new people and connections based on interests that I have.   I think Google+ is much more a threat to LinkedIn than it is to Facebook.
What, we're allowed to make use of more than one website? Is that what those bookmark thingies are for? 
They can co-exist but they're not pulling the people I want them to friends.
+Scott Spencer I'm an Apple-hating, conservative Corrections Officer that lives in the Midwest... and I love G+.  I don't know where your stereotype is coming from.
Google+ isn't about being a "social network" like Facebook. It's about marketing and SEO more than anything else.

That being said, I've always been a fan of G+. They took good notes on Facebook's worst tendencies and have done well to work around them.
Great article. I agree they can both exist together. I think Google plus has much better features. The hangouts, privacy controls, meeting new and interesting people and many other things make it much better than Facebook. I have an account on Facebook and I'm active on it but I prefer Google+
myspace, yahoo, hotmail / outlook still alive ... but only Google is king.
with facebook will take a little more time, but I think that ultimately proclaimed King
Google + lppks so much better with no annoying invites and ads spashed all over the place. However all my friends and family use FB so I keep in touch with them there
G+ pushes Facebook to improve and that's good for everyone. I personally want as few companies knowing about me as possible. I much prefer Android to iOS so the call is easy for me.

Nobody much cared form what I was saying on FB. So now that there are fewer people responding that's okay.

As has been said here many times before as a user it is easier to work in G+ and the Android integration is fantastic.

Clearly it has to do with my friends. But the folks I follow here are just more interesting and a good number (like me) don't post on FB.

What's next?
I prefer Google+ because my Facebook is a mess.
Alf Rey
Very different.
Google + for me is more for close networks I like to stay in touch with (if they have Google + :/ )  whereas FB seems to be more of a networking tool, lots of people, find mutual friends a little easier, etc.
facebook is a giant campsite, where everybody's tents are close together and you can hear your neighbors screaming at each other all over the place.
Google+ on the other hand, is a nice suburban neightborhood, where the fences are high, and the lawns are wide. You don't really have to know your neighbors unless you want to.
If Google+ is so popular, why can't I +1 this article?
I find Google + more like better twitter than facebook. I tried twitter thinking it would be good to hear from interesting people I could follow, but it's such bullshit I closed it. It's crap, even intelligent interesting people just post poorly written banal nuggets of verbal shite. I like Google plus as it's a bit like a news stream for the things I'm interested in...I can't decide which I prefer; Flipboard, currents or Google +.

Facebook is entirely different and is just a way of staying in touch with friends. 
We can only hope! I'll have to find somewhere else to go if all the crap on Facespace migrates over here
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