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If you're looking to upgrade your computer's main hard drive, the Transcend SSD720 is a strong option. Check out our review:
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Ooooo,, uummmm, what's the damage? (USD$ plz.)
The video says it comes to about US$0.88/Gb.
For those too lazy(stupid) to click the link, it's $157.
I wonder if you can just pop that into a low storage device like a 64GB macbook air or surface pro... 
Well in the case of my co-workers, they have some sites blocked and G+ is not blocked like CNET, its not a case of being lazy or ''stupid''. I think that was rude +Cesar Esparza 
Yeah? Cool story, bro.

The article has been updated with the price listed at $91. No second mortgage needed.
I would so not mind this as a gift from my girlfriend
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