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Duh, we'd have one by now if they had a few more titles out.

(Hint: it starts with Z and ends with elda, and it better be awesome).
It does not surprise me. It is a very bad product. You can't even connect 2 pad controllers. The second player is forced to play with the old remote. Who ever thought about that? FAIL!
Games, games, games. Wait for the third party flood gates to open. It'll be a game changer. But one thing Nintendo's needed to fix for some time now is it's "stagnation".
Maybe because de Wii U is today a Beta Product, is incomplete in some ways...
Ouch, that head-start was pretty much the only thing they had going for them. If they can't ramp up sales in the next few months, they may be looking at a disadvantage that they can't combat. 
Either they need new IP's. Bring back something old redone? Or hurry with the third party support. Geez, F-Zero! Bring back F-Zero!
Erich W
nintendo needs to be a software company not a hardware company and I think they are quickly seeing that
I got one for the kids because their old Wii was dying anyway. No, there aren't a lot of WiiU-specific games out there, but all of the saves and WiiWare games transferred from their old Wii without a problem. Yeah, it's getting a slow start, but it's still a good unit and it has a lot going for it. I'm sure that exclusives like Bayonetta 2 and Lego City Undercover will help.

The biggest problem that I see is that developers are being stupid.  Destructoid had an article a few weeks ago where developers said they were avoiding the WiiU because they didn't know what to do with the gamepad!  Well, who cares?! Just because there is a gamepad with a touchscreen doesn't mean that it has to be used!  Just as a controller I found it to be very comfortable to hold.  

So, come on, developers!  Stop being afraid of the gamepad and just make your games for the WiiU!  Not making games because you don't know how to utilize the gamepad is like saying that you'll never port to PC because you don't know how to use all of the keys on the keyboard!
Erich W
another thing that nintendo does is locks the content to the console which is bad if the console dies because you have to buy the content again
HAHAHAHAHA. They deserve all the failure they get and more for releasing the original Wii. Suck it Nintendo.
Nintendo has good plans, good ideas for the future of the console, but I think that they can't wait too long
Erich W
nintendo lives on legacy characters and franchises
I'm not surprised, Nintendo needs a prive cut like with the 3ds, or else is going to be haré for Nintendo to gain momentum
It was rushed and there is no Mario party title available. This will inevitably equate to a hard fail.
They scammed people nicely during the Wii fanaticism, all those people who are non-gamers and didn't buy any software for their systems are not going to go out and buy another system. Also to all the "i love it because it's simple" anti-PS3, pro-Wii people from several years ago.. Lol.
Doesn't matter the system, company or genre preferred, gamers are gamers. However to the ones who look at one thing or another with blinders on. They're hurting the industry which is leading to stagnation. Please! People! Try something new every now and then for a new perspective!
The wii u is fantastic it is the best idea Nintendo has come out with since the NES (the idea of playing arcade games without needing quarters)
Fantastically behind technologically that is. It's going to get totally spanked this year by Microsoft and Sony. 
True (only because Sony and Microsoft always steals ideas from Nintendo. I mean the connect is basically a wii)
Are you fucking kidding me?


That is not the reason.

Nintendo got behind the curve with the Wii and they have stayed that way since then. The technology in the Wii U is old technology. Nintendo is going to get spanked next generation.
Seems to be the trend for Nintendo--release new hardware, then get less than stellar sales because: 1) not all the features are included at the start, 2) no must-have launch titles, and 3) third-party developers haven't figured out how to use the new features. Seems it's been that way (at least for the second and third points) since the DS came out. I wouldn't bet against them this early in the game, given their history, I'd just expect a slow start. People are still going to buy the consoles once the big-name titles start appearing, by which point Nintendo will have things ironed out.
Nintendo: "Leave luck to heaven". You have to hand it for this company, they know how to surprise. Why? Because I think they know how to connect with that child gamer in us.
Right. So you have proven my point that both the Wii and the Wii U are behind technologically. Therefore, they suck.

Who gives a fuck about sales numbers? The Wii is a piece of shit. The Wii U is a piece of shit.

Technologically inferior crap.
People buy shit consoles all the time.

Them because they are cheap.

They buy them because of hype.

They buy them because they're non-gamers.

They buy them because of gimmicks.

Nintendo is kiddie. I buy it because I have kids.

I never stated that Microsoft and Sony sold more units than the Wii. The Wii is technologically inferior. It blows.
Guys, please.  Don't feed the troll.
Here's a Pro-Tip +Robert Martin : Learn how to communicate without swearing. Swearing minimizes the force of any argument and it makes you look childish. Not saying you are a child but I stopped reading your posts once you started swearing unnecessarily. You might have had some good points but I didn't read them. Ease up on the swearing and more people will pay attention to what you are trying to say :)
Oh MAN! Someone just got powered up with a Mario Fireball Flower!!!! LOL!!!!
Sorry. I just did it for the lulz :)
Lulz is good. Lulz is necessary!
Back to Nintendo, and well companies in general. Like what's the difficulty in their issues? Like Sony obviously needs to learn how to market better, Nintendo needs more and new titles. Microsoft needs to remember not to forget where the core is. Yet, they seem so blank about it? Look at Capcom?
+Mir Ahsan Sony needs to stop trying to screw over their customers. Rootkits, Blue-ray DRM, the PS3 Linux fiasco, and now this "no used games" crap. It's like they can't help themselves but to be more despicable every year. My PS3 broke 4 years ago and I haven't looked back. 
Its nothing new is it, 'cause the PSP could link up with the PS3. 
"At least Nintendo still understands what "game console" means"

Yes, a console way behind other consoles graphically that appeals to people who don't play or buy games.
On the front yeah. They got to carried away with selling to the masses. But hey, it' where the money was, and unfortunately still is. It's about having fun. Doesn't matter the console, you can make something as badass and cool as possible, but that fun factor has to last or how can you even call it a video game. Yeah ok, games might change and expand but it's all supposed to stimulate your mind in a way that makes LOL! Idk, I like games from everyone!
"The game console should play games first, everything else is an optional add-on."

The Wii wasn't good at that, it was a glorified Gamecube. Thus the incredibly high percentage of people who bought the Wii because they were NOT gamers, and the incredibly high percentage of people who got launch titles and nothing else for the system. There are stats on both.
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