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This week on Apple Byte: Your questions, answered:
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This shouldn't b a google+ post ;)
Tong is definitely bias with Apple so why is this here, there is no innovation with Crapple... 
He only uses apple product and services. Why in g+ . 
there is no isheep here only android fineboy
+adeleke simeon I'm a big fan of Apple products and I'm here. I'm also a big fan of Google products as well. I don't see why people on G+ like to jump on the hate wagon so much when it comes to Apple.
Simply apple likes to fight by lawsuits and not take the challenge to the floor and let consumers decide.... Won't admit they lack innovation... Repeat products and just add an S... Shall I continue..? 
Ryan.. I am aware of all the lawsuits amongst companies, of course they protect their patent portfolios, but apples biggest competitor is Android... Remember.. 'Going thermonuclear' ... So, how's that working out..?? 
First stat matters, good luck! it only gets better, although it's a matter of preference for most.. Me, I'll go with specs.. Much better. SIRIously. 
+Ryan Light you're wrong; GS series globally massively outsell Apple. You're thinking just US, but Samsung don't care as much about the US market, it doesn't matter as much as the rest of the world.
+Ryan Light Tizen isn't 'Samsung's own' OS. Read up on it. iOS is the same today as it was 4 years ago. People are drifting away from it in droves. Do you really think it's a good thing that Apple control a much bigger % of profit than they do individual sales? What does this tell you, other than you're getting ripped off as a much higher % of the price is profit for Apple? By the way all your stats are WAY off...did you make them up completely? Please give global stats if you're going to give any at all and if you do insist on giving US only stats please give the correct ones because yours are all bullshit.
It's like everything Ryan...once things start getting cheaper people won't pay huge amounts anymore. People won't be happy with the huge profits Apple insist on now they can get perfectly smooth, clean smartphone experiences with other much cheaper OSs. It's the same as the PC/Mac thing...Macs were the best, but Apple got too greedy and tried too hard to increase profit by limiting everything and taking a bigger chunk as profit than everybody went well for a bit then it almost killed them when PCs reached the stage where they could compete in terms of usability. Sound familiar? Granted, Android 2.1 was rubbish. People bought Apple stuff because it was way better and they didn't mind shelling out. But 4.2 is superb. People are looking now and wondering where there extra cash is going. It's happening again. Look what Apple are doing...iOS6 has loads of stuff copied from Android and the company who said 7 inch slates are rubbish brings out a 7 inch slate when they see how popular the N& was...
+S you gonna make him do leave it as is..wait for more innovations from Google, and we stay on top.
+Cesar Marte I remember thinking back in 2010 that if I could short sell Apple shares I would do...I was wrong at the time, they kept shooting up, but I think I was just a couple of years early. 
Best quote about Apple ever:
"rather than the Jobs model of dictating to consumers what they will want"
It sums up a lot of what I hate about apple. First, Steve Jobs told people what to want (giving a good bit of reality to the "iSheep" moniker). Second, when Apple isn't forcing people into certain trends like religious extremists, it fails as a company.
Smartphones/tablets were in their infancy in 2007 and people were very badly educated regarding them...Apple jumped on this and told people what it was they wanted (closed systems which prioritise simplicity and lack of errors above open systems which prioritize new features and customisation)...and to be fair they were probably right; people did want something that 'just worked'. 

Problems for Apple now is
1) People are far better educated regarding smartphones and have developed their own ideas about what they want...which Apple struggles to satisfy with it's single handset offering compared to many Android options,
2) Apple stuff doesn't 'just work' anymore,
3) Android stuff generally does and
4) In the face of much more efficient hardware what used to be 'simple and smooth' vs 'capable but clunky' is now just 'limited, old and basic' vs 'capable and modern'.
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