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Which quad-core phone packs the biggest punch? The Droid DNA.

Here's our full review of the Droid DNA:
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I call bullshit. The Note2 beasts the DNA. Battery life, SD card, OTG usb, S Pen, Bigger screen (admittedly bigger is not better). Better software. Should I go on?
Quad core is over rated, it is really nice, but the ram is more important 
Benchmarks aren't a true test of a phones performance and IMHO shouldn't be used AT ALL to make a judgement. 
+Chet Davis all HTC phones feel solid and premium but they dont perform like it is. That's why hardly anyone buys them and they are in the financial trouble that they are in.
Wats so good about having quad core phones when u have no apps to push it
The generation and types of processors do matter too. The Nexus 10's dual core A15 chip is at the top of then charts, even though it has less cores than quad-core devices.
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