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Microsoft has the Surface. Apple has the iPad Mini. Where do things go from here?

Here's our review of the iPad Mini:
And here's the Surface:
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Hypocrites. 7" is DOA my ass. Oh its not a 7" its a 7.9". Gtfo Tim cook
Apple and Microsoft talk should stay off google+ ;)
Kidle fire HD.. fuck it
Galaxy note 2 and 10.1 kicks everybodies asses.! :-) 
Some people just spend to much time with Apple "innovation" to see the real portability future, which can already be seen in Asus Padfone series, being the Padfone 2 an amazing iteration! 
reason for majority of the people have ipad is there weren't any other product like that. Android was just breaking the news and people weren't ready to trust the OS except for those group who wanted to explore beyond apple ecosystem. Now that we have more and more of these product showing up, there is definitely not of choices. Unless apple comes up with another revolutionary product or at least iOS that is different from just an array of icons on the home screen, i can see people stepping out of apple ecosystem and trying new things. if the next generation of apple product follows same close iOS, i am afraid but that will not be enough to convince anymore. As for me, I like Android because it gives me option to do much more that i cannot do with ipad/iphone. 
I have all apple products. Need to get some android in my experience. Christmas list lol
Anybody see the polls about people being less likely to buy the next Apple product? I gotta start saving these articles I read...
iPad 4, hands down you need a tablet ecosystem and neither android Noel microcrap have it. Amazon could contend but they don't have the software nor hardware design talent. 
My galaxy tab note has got way more functionality then an I pad . The iPad is a one trick pony ! Fisher price ios .

I have seen the iPad and it's a good product. I have never seen the Surface tablet so I cannot comment.....but it looks very good. I do have W8 on my desktop and I do like it. It would be a mistake for Apple or Samsung to not consider Microsoft a threat. I don't think Samsung would since they already made a W8 tablet.
I guess that's y, they sell like crazy and have the highest customer satisfaction? not saying that Samsung is not innovative, they just aren't on the iPad level. Everything on an iPad is done through apps which in turn gives it unlimited functionality. 
iPad Mini only costs $188 to manufacture, wake up iSheep!
isheep lol people kill me with this term. If a person like Apple they are sheep wtf? People who like Android are sheeps as well? GTFOH with that bullshit, you buy what you like. Your girl is not a virgin, and now you get left overs, does that make you a sheep as well? Come on man enough is enough, enjoy what you have, share what you do with your devices to help someone else or shut the fuck up and go back to your corner and finish your meat session. 
Apple is so dumb. The iPhone is getting bigger while the iPad is getting smaller. :-P 
again its okay for other companies to do this but if Apple does it, it's dumb. Smh 
So is that an arm and a leg plus your first born?
+Niraj Rana I keep hearing this. What can't you do on an iPad that you can do on another tablet?
+Justin Oroz With an android tablet you have options. On an iPad it's apples way or the highway.
+Devin A Link : Nexus 10 is made by Samsung.
Nexus 7 is made by Asus, believe me you will be a fan of Asus once you see the build quality of Nexus 7. Its just the best :)
+Jordan Osborn red herring.
So no one got anything? Besides widgets (which are cool, but not a deal breaker)
Android is better than iOS hands down but every other tablet looks like nasty plastic. I'm torn 
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