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Did you see the video of the eagle snatching the kid? Yeah. It's fake.
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Soon enough, we will question something that happens right in front of us. Someone will be in a window somewhere, projecting some animation as a prank.
Arthur C Clarke predicted this sort of thing.. A future where we wouldn't be able to rely on the authenticity of images. Where search engines were implanted in people's brains, privacy being questioned around the world as we enter a new era of what is shared and what isn't ... Seems he might have been right 
I call bullshit. I don't see anything fake about it. I've watched it several times. The reaction of the one takin the video and the person running toward their baby is not fake. It's just another political bias to protect the national symbol.
You're so gullible +Brenda Brown
What are the chances of someone video-taping an eagle flying in the sky to the point of it snatching a baby? I knew there was something wrong about that the very first time I saw it.
+Brenda Brown Silly question... ever try to follow a bird with a camera as it turns a swoops on it's prey? It's pretty hard to do... and this video just happened to be able to do that and keep it all in focus?
+Mark Knights You're jumping from CGI being common to everyone having search engines implanted in their brains?  Seems a bit drastic.
If you think something like that can't be faked I got some beachfront property to sell you in Nebraska. 
+JoAnn Brereton
Don't tell +Brenda Brown that. To her, it all boils down to conspiracy theory. It wasn't a hoax. They just changed their story for political reasons.
+Timothy Collins you wonder how the wildlife channels manage it all the time ;-) its a hell of a lot easier to film that a golf ball in flight and those camera man are incredible
+Chris Woodcock They manage it because they have many cameras trained on many birds and can pick and choose the best footage to use. That's a proposition that is a lot easier than doing it perfectly with one camera and one chance.

Plus, I'll direct you to the post above that linked to the creators admitting to faking it.
+Bobby Garcia
Yeah I saw that you deleted the post, but you shouldn't have. It made for a great convo anyway.
But note this extract from your link:

On the other hand, there are many reasons to doubt. It's curious that the bizarre babynapping didn’t make the news. After all, it’s not every day that an eagle swoops down and snatches a baby, much less on camera and in full daylight of a public park. Surely the story would merit a mention on at least the local news, yet no journalism stories about it could be found. And how convenient that the cameraman just happened to be videotaping a large bird high in the sky that, moments later, swooped down for a once-in-a-lifetime abduction.

+Timothy Collins I know its a fake, I have been on wildlife docs with one camera and it was done same with a ball follower, which is much more difficult and its done live. Did a commercial for the European tour and we had one camera for the ball. Just saying its not impossible 
+Chris Woodcock It's certainly not impossible - I never said it was. It's just very improbable for a person just out videoing one day would be able to do it.
We should ban raptors since they have harmed small children. 
Its certainly plausible right? Mythbusters?
First of all, I hadn't researched further into this and definitely don't always trust everything CNET posts. They have been known to be wrong once or twice, as they are not infallible.

Second, for several years I lived in a home where an eagles nest was in the tree directly behind the house. Being that I lived so close to bald eagles. I know matter of fact it isn't difficult to record them on video as I did numerous amounts of times.

Third, I admit I ridiculously had a constant fear that they would swoop down and snatch up my small child(ren). Whether or not that is crazy to think, it was a reality to me and thus seeing the video made it all too real and I was unable to think rationally past that.

So...make your dumbass, snide remarks. I hope you feel a bit stupid knowing now the why reasoning behind my initial reaction. Oh and, I understand it was a school project. I'm not an idiot.

Have a great day! +Lion Fisile +Timothy Collins +JoAnn Brereton and my personal favorite +Justin Adams  
+Brenda Brown
It's good you finally got yourself together. Have a little egg-nog to clear your brain. Cheers.
Your explanation doesn't make your previous comment any less retarded. 
Her explanation reveals a little bit of paranoia. She only believes the story is true - not because it happened to her - but at one point she feared it could happen. 
+Justin Adams did your mother not pay you enough attention growing up or are you just incapable of not being an asshole?
I knew something was coming down. She was too sweet to be true. LOL <Running for cover>
Next might be me.
Relax people.. Cool video nonetheless
I just get sick & tired of ppl like him who think it's ok to treat others as if they're better than them. All I see now when his name shows up is "asshole".
Awwww. Thank you +Brenda Brown
I don't deserve that compliment, and I'm humbled to hear it. 😊
I never said I was better than anyone. 
Nothing like people commenting on a story, that basically admits a video is fake, by saying it's not. Shenanigans.
What in the hell! 
The clip is good, but using a baby as an object is not the best idea..use a snake. :)
Well +Brenda Brown You re a good mom.
I bet the democrats had something to do with that bird
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