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Get ready for a super moon this weekend! On Saturday the moon will appear up to 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter. Here's the science:
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sais the one who plays minecraft
my fav. thing to see! nothing like space wow!
how could posibly the moon be "Nerdy"
Isn't this the same thing that's been happening for millions of years and beyond? A simple case of the earth turning on it's axis and tilting just so? I mean, we do this ya, we tilt and get close then we spin and get far. If we weren't so busy being mega tiny and slow, we'd get dizzy with it.
The moon is not nerdy it's just interesting
Eager to see the moon this weekend. I hope we have clear skies in Western PA.
Hope to see it clearly
like looking at the moon
wow really, that's awesome. will watch out for it. thanks for the info.:)
Shoot! The forecast sucks. We're not gonna see it!
wonderful!! I must be on the roof of my house that evening. thanks for sharing such great event.
Will I remember to watch this.... hehe
I'm excited for this. what should be the best options to have a canon dslr?
Please tell your friends & family to check out on Saturday
Sounds cool, maybe hop out on the roof with some floyd and snap some pics.
when the night is dark,and the moon,is the only light we will see..!
One must bark at a full moon AND listen to Dark side of the when you can. Again I say Woof .
time to capture some photos if the clouds permit
time to get my telescope out for perfect view
I wish I had a telescope for this but then again I would probably get drunk and pretend i'm a pirate with it. I'll still be watching though.
"up to 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter"

So apparently Samsung is working on a new version of the moon.
we ll watch how it ll look like ............
Only problem, here in the UK we will have 75% more cloud and 50% more rain
I'm gonna be so outside all night... I love our strange little moon formerly known as Thea... And somebody tell Pluto it's okay! I used to be a planet too! =(
don't sleep under a moon or u will become crazy
Rly? I don't remember things very well, I think i might have done that once.@.@ or a lot....
lunatics !!!still an amazing phenomena
Yeah you aren't going to be able to see a difference. Not sure why is everyone making a big deal about "supermoons". The moon gets closer every now and then and has been since it formed.
Look ,guys lets get serious,let make an effort to watch ,,relax and enjoy it!
You could make an effort to go outside any night with a full moon and enjoy that since it won't be any different.
Vinden jullie het geen tijd worden om een vertaler in dienst te nemen die Nederlands kent ? Zoals het nu is is er echt geen touw aan vast te knopen. Groeten en veel succes.        Wim
Why no mention of the Comet Pan-STARRS that I assumed would be a bigger attraction this week?
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