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Samsung could be releasing a Windows Phone version of the Galaxy S3. Would you forsake Android for a Windows Phone S3?
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I would give it a go... I'm one for trying out new technologies before shooting them to the ground like most people! I was an early adopter of the iPhone having the 2G/3G, in all honesty it hasn't changed much! I now love my Galaxy S2 running Android. Love it! However, I am a .Net developer and Windows Phone could always be an option in the future.

In my opinion, Windows Phone OS is more exciting and innovative looking than iOS!
Personally yes. Even the Woz said Windows Phones are much prettier than Android devices. I'm using a Galaxy Note and HTC One X now, but I might shift over to the Windows Phone Galaxy with Galaxy S3 specs (dual core ones at least if quad core isn't supported)
+Erick Ovando That's your loss, the Microsoft of the 2000's doesn't exist, 2012 is a very different and much improved MSFT
In a heartbeat! My wife's Nokia 800 is so slick, even with only a single-core processor, that I'm excited for the increased specs that WP8 will bring. Though, because of the included navigation (Nokia Drive) I would still be tempted more for a next gen Nokia over a S3/WP8. This is all dreaming of course, as my current phone (HTC Desire) still works great.
No. For smartphone, either Android, or iPhone, only.
30+ yrs of windows use... Nooooooooooooooooooooooo not in a Phone
You people here are so retarded. They've done it before, the Samsung Focus S is a Galaxy S2 with Windows Phone (though Single core)
Can I ask, of those people saying no, no way etc how many of you have actually use the new Windows Phone OS? I'm guessing very few...
Used it for only 2weeks and sold the phone lumia 800, boring live tiles and no multi tasking #fail
+Jubbin Grewal Yep, totally! It annoys me... in fact no, it infuriates me that people straight away disregard something without trying it first!
+Mawdo Jawo I bet multitasking comes out in the next release! Plus, iOS only recently introduced "true" multitasking... I think it is anyway.
+Mark Brown I do believe windows phone is a great OS ( almost the same as Android and iOS) but for me multi tasking is a most, I hope windows 8 will change the game...
I like the windows phone OS, but still there is no ground breaking reason for me to dump my iPhone to replace it for a windows phone smartphone.
I'd have to see how it stacks up with the Nokia Lumia 900 running WP7 which is my current "next phone".
No. I'd have to have a very compelling reason to switch. The windows phone would have to do something really amazing that couldn't be done on Android. That's not likely to happen so no windows phone for me. 
I'm seriously considering my next phone to be a WP8
putting windows phone on GS3 is the greatest mistake Samsung can do (less people want tiles). Just make a lower, cheaper version of it and put wp8 on it.
Personally I wouldn't, but i do think WP8 would run just fine on it, tiles is made for a touch interface rather than a PC.
I wouldn't get a Windows phone yet. I'm not sure what it is, but there's just certain design elements of Windows Phone that I don't like.

In addition, Android is really hitting its stride with ICS and phones like the HTC One X so I'd struggle to justify choosing a Windows Phone in today's market.

Never say never, though. Perhaps Windows Phone will become more tempting in the next couple of years. Right now though I'm more than happy with Android 4
It would be a blunder, if it were true. Samsung is now what it is because of Android. I'm not buying nokia phones anymore coz they don't run android.
Give me a Windows phone that runs Diablo 3 and I'm in
Have used windows on an LG optimus 7 and, though it took a little getting used to, I must say I found it OK. I definitely would at the very least consider an S3 with windows. long as I didn't want any apps. So, no.
Windows Phone is such a fail. Why would anyone want to give money to Microsoft is beyond me.
I have have a family member that has one and I give it a tired. Nice color and lay out is nice, but it doesn't make me want to have one.
+Jubbin Grewal Not 100% sure but most likely it won't. Microsoft has been bombarded with questions already about their upgrade plans but not a single hint and answer from them. Different "trusted sources" were saying that the current gen WP won't be updated to WP8. WP8 Apps will still run but the OS itself will remain stagnant.
+Sean Smith Do you realize the irony of what you just said? Everytime you buy an Android phone, you give a little money to Microsoft. U mad bro?
+Jubbin Grewal Up and until Microsoft say's anything, 'trusted sources' could be the best source of reliable infos.-----there, I fixed it.
+Ernest Marvin Esteban That logic is stupid and you know it. JUST like the reliable sources that said for MONTHS that the iPhone 5 would be out last year. People like you were probably like 'yea dude, reliable sources, best source of reliable info'. Wrong.
+Jubbin Grewal That logic is brilliant and you know it. JUST like the reliable sources that said for MONTHS that the Galaxy S3 would have a quadcore processor. People like you were probably like 'yea dude, reliable sources, best source of reliable info'. Right. ----There, I fixed it again
Microsoft has a pretty strict list of specs in order for a phone to run WP last time I this is quite unlikely
Two homescreens. One with "live" folders and the second...a text list of apps and settings. Oh yeah, great "original design" and such a compelling mobile platform. Every thing on the phone looks the same. It's like a gallery with MS fonts all over everything. How f'ing boring can you possibly get? Take a look at Windows Phone.
+Ernest Marvin Esteban OF COURSE it would have a quad core processor, if the HTC One X had one, then so will the S3. That's not even a good argument there. It's just a given. I like how you believe everything on the net.
+Jubbin Grewal OF COURSE WP won't get updated, if Windows Mobile did not, then so will the WP7. That's a good argument there. It's just a given. I like how you believe everything on the net. ------------There I fixed it again just for you ma friend
+Ernest Marvin Esteban Well that definitely doesn't make sense. They are two completely different Operating Systems. WP7 was built from scratch, kind of impossible to upgrade. Might as well allow Windows to upgrade to Mac! Your argument is invalid as well, they are two different names - Windows Phone - Windows Mobile. You can keep on fixing things, but you're wrong.
+Jubbin Grewal Well that definitely make sense. WP8 was built almost from scratch, kind of impossible to upgrade. Might as well allow Windows to upgrade to Mac! Your argument is valid as well, they are two different names - Windows Phone 7 - Windows Phone 8. You can keep on fixing things, and you're right.-----------> There, I fixed it again! And yes, I will continue on fixing things since you asked for it
+Ernest Marvin Esteban Now I know you don't know anything, Windows 8 has NOT been built from scratch.. you're a joker man.. do you even know anything? Windows Mobile 5 was upgraded to Windows Mobile 6, so don't waste everyone's time here by lying.
I don't even want Windows on my computer. No way I'd want it on something I always have on me and use constantly.
Indeed. I'll consider it. I'm very impressed with the modernization of the Windows Operating Systems (Win 7 & 8). I have yet to reload Windows 7 because of a breakdown in the OS or a virus for that matter (unlike XP)... I love my rooted Android Smartphone, but will definitely consider a Windows Phone in the future. I don't really like Samsung, so it'll probably be a Nokia...but I'll peruse this model if/when it arrives...
+Jubbin Grewal I ditched windows in desktop a long time ago in favour of linux. Now why should anyone try windows in mobile when there are two great alternatives in android and ios?
+James Selvakumar because +Jubbin Grewal is open minded and doesn't write something off due to older versions. Windows Phone has come a long way, as has Windows 7 and 8. To me iOS hasn't changed, visually it's drastically falling behind Android and also Windows Phone in my opinion.

My question is, have you actually tried the new Windows Phone OS?
+James Selvakumar

They should try WP7/8 for the same reason you ditched Windows for the OS with the LEAST market share: Options...

And before anyone goes trying to "flame me" (lol @ "flame me"), I have three different distributions of Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, & ArchLinux) installed on three virtual, yes, I/'ve use/d Linux.
+James Selvakumar Sounds like a very closed minded and narrow view of things, just like +Mark Brown said. How can you say something is crap without having tried it (at least for more than 5 minutes).
Alright guys, I'm not that closed minded. But based on the good reviews wp has got, I'll definitely give it a go. Thanks guys for your passion and keeping this thread interesting. Let's stop the flame war :-)
+James Selvakumar No war at all. That's good that you are going to try it! Then afterwards, if you don't like you then have basis to say it's rubbish :) But again, that's your opinion ;) Nothing wrong with a friendly debate :)
That might be an over simplification. A more accurate portrayal of "discussion" would be Win 7 sucks, Win Vista sucked, Win XP sucked, Win ME sucked, Win 2000... etc. etc. etc. But to be fair, I use Win 7 on a dual boot computer with Ubuntu, and Win 7 sucks far less than previous versions. And to be even more fair, upon further review of the previous comment, it was wp7 sucks, not Win 7. I have never tried a Windows phone, but based on my previous Microsoft experience, I'd rather stick with Android or iPhone.
+Jubbin Grewal +James Franks The issue, I think, is that our social discourse has gotten so polarized, that people feel that if someone comes with a different point of view, that they are somehow threatened. It's sad...and, honestly, something I haven't seen a ton on Google+ (yet, which is something that I love about it).

Many people who can't hold a conversation with someone without insults seem either bored or simply unable to articulate their own feelings. I find this with children; so caught up on how wonderful their XBox 360 is that the mere mention of the PS3 makes them shout faults that their own XBox has (such as hackers and lag switches)...

I hope that as the future unfolds, this method of expression evolves into passionate intellectual displays of fact and reason...
+James Franks "I have never tried a Windows Phone" - ok, so how do you know it sucks? This is my point... you can't comment... when you haven't used it! It doesn't take a brain surgeon to realise that Windows Phone is nothing like what Windows Mobile was. If you have any technical/gadget interest you will know this from the hype that's been in the news/tech sites. One word. Ignorance.
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