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Polaroid M7 tablet's screen may give the Nexus 7 a run for its money, and it's only $129. Check it out. #CES
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"Disappearance" isn't the subject of the discussion either.
But how are specs? NVIDIA tegra4 would get me to buy it but otherwise the UI looks very Kindle Fire like. 
I hope the Nexus 7 goes down in price, because it wins over the Polaroid since it gets Google pushed updates =)
Has anyone heard more about the rumoured $99 nexus 7? Is that realistic?
+Dave Langton  I hope it's realistic cuz I wanna get my gma one so she can play checkers on it and videochat ^_^
Get grandma one? What happened to the iPhone? JustKidding.
If only they could have made the bezel even wider
It will be extremely hard to beat the Nexus 7. Good eye catching headline though. 
The camera must be superb. With wifi, and Android, I don't see how it can't give Nexus-what-have-you a run for its money.
+Lion Fisile it isn't quad core, it has a massive bezel and it doesn't run the latest version of Android. It definitely doesn't give the N7 a run for it's money. It maybe gives those cheap Chinese Android tabs a run for their money. Why will the camera be superb? It's 2 megapixels. It specifically says that the focus is not on a good camera...
people keep trying to compete with the Nexus 7 based on price alone. Its not just a price issue its also the specs. I want current updates if possible as well as a decent price and for that the Nexus 7 cant be beat as of yet. This things has a horrid looking UI and isnt even on 4.2 and its dual core ? GTFOH ... 
I don't see the point in putting your own UI skin thing on it if it means that we miss out on the latest versions of Android. A skin has to be REALLY good to make that worth it.
+S Taylor I agree BUT I actually like HTC Sense when it didnt crash lol . But that was the only UI that I liked . I guess if the device isnt custom then nothing separates them from their competition which means whats the point. 
For $129 I don't think it's a bad deal at all, though I'd want to see how it holds up in the performance dept...
It's a great deal but not when you compare it to the N7 which is $30 more...if you were buying a new laptop you wouldn't get an old Windows 7 dual core model just because it was $30 less than the quad core Windows 8 model would you? Also Google keep bringing our newer versions of Android with ace new features...basically you can only rely on getting those if you have a Nexus device.
$30 difference for a quad core device vs a dual core. Also I saw no mention of how much ram is in this thing but Im betting its possibly less than 1GB. You also have to consider that those non mainstream tablets get limited app support from the heavy hitters such as EA , GameLoft , and alot of major app makers so for $30 less you have limited your device total usability. Android development for such devices become null and void as well. I'd gladly pay a little more to get widespread support for a device. I own a Nexus 7 and a ASUS TF101 both mainstream devices that get tons of ROM and App support across the board. 
Another catagory is emerging a rear 2m/pix camera but no GPS. 8MB + SD.
why does the OS on that tablet look more like a Windows interface than Android?
So basically you are getting inferior hardware with an older, skinned version of android, from a company with no history or guarantee of proper or regular updates.  Yeah I don't think the Nexus 7 has anything to be concerned with.
Absolutely love my nexus 7!!! Will be hard to beat! N7 was recommended to me over an iPad, and I'm glad I chose the n7!!!! Android is definitely putting a hurt on apple products!! And,no, I have nothing against Apple products!! I'm just more partial to android!

+Darrell Roberts HTC Sense was great back on the Desire and Legend at a time when Android was clunky and ugly. HTC Sense actually made it smoother, nicer to look at and gave you loads of features that plain Android didn't have. But that's just not the case anymore. HTC Sense still looks nice but everything it did extra Android does itself as well now...which basically means you've got all this junk software clogging up your phone which duplicates all the functions you've already got.
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