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Happy Valentine's Day, from Mars! NASA collected these images of heart-shaped features on the Red Planet just for you:
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Love is for the weak minded
And its the red planet which is the color of love of course. Uh oh...I smell conspiracy!
Ruso ed
Color of love , god of war. Funny. 
Is this real or photoshopped?
Aw..Martian's are sending us Earthlings their love.  
Get the fuck outta here. Lls
It's believed that chance, over billions of years produced intelligent life on earth. Why all the scepticism that these couldn't be produced by chance?
Dan RC
Totally fake!
Next they will design a mountain giving h US the middle. FInger! 
you know what those dumb pics are for all you lame people n dont deal with people that dont got lifes i do n a better person so stop sending stupis things on here send it to the lame person who made those lame pics.
thats how your faces look like.
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