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And the worst-rated carrier in the US is...
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I've been with AT&T for about 10 years, I've had numerous interactions with their customer service and found them to be excellent.
I'm a big fan of T-Mobile . been with them for 8 years now. No complaints
Consumer Cellular doesn't even have worthy data plans to speak of for modern users. How can this comparison even be valid?
Verizon services is the best but I can't even write what I really think about their CS lately.
What do you expect from the carrier that introduced us all to the iPhone? AT&T sucks!
AT&T may still be last, but it is hugely improved over past years, in my opinion.
I have no useful input on the topic at hand. But WHAT is with the picture for this article? Isn't that an original Moto RAZR? Fitting for AT&T, I suppose...
Verizon customer service is heavy handed.  As far as their concerned they can do no wrong.  They billed me for a phone I had already returned and was delivered to VZW. Even if it is VZW's fault or an issue with the phone, they won't let you out of your contract unless you die.

Hello +AT&T .  You are NOT the only carrier that allows customers to talk and surf the web at the same time.  It's not a big deal anymore.
at&t must return to the old fling cabinet for some old plans  or use some plans profit.
Have had at&t for 12 years now. No issues with cs. Reception can be spotty at times. My only real issue is their data plan and price. 
AT&T customers dont waste time taking surveys or my standards must just be too low. I am happy with AT&T. 35Mbps 4g LTE and GSM. Never have dropped calls and did I mention GSM? CDMA is a massive deal breaker for competitors.
AT&T is crap and I wasted two years of my life with their service.  After being lied to about service updates and horrible coverage and customer service, I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.  
The 30% of the time that AT&T's network works in my area is great. I get 30Mbps+ LTE and 10Mbps+ "4G". The other 70% of the time is full of dropped calls, constantly struggling for the tower to hold on to my phone (I've had multiple phones from different manufacturers, and many many SIMs replicate the problem), or no service at all. Thankfully my contract ends next year, and I'll start another with Verizon the minute I can :p
If ATT is the worst why do they keep adding subscribers? Do consumers know what they're getting into when they sign a 2 year?
Fully agree. Just experienced their horrible service.
I just hope that AT&T could release Jelly Bean for my Samsung Galaxy SIII soon.
+Naved Akhtar my guess is because Sprint undercuts the others on price, people more or less expect that they get what they pay for.
In the last 5 years I've had Sprint, Verizon and AT&T. My experience with AT&T has been better, but they all have a lot if room for improvement.
What about T-Mobile? Yes it's cheap, but it has very bad coverage!
Funny thing about all of this ...
I work in a NOC (Network Operations Center) and I can tell you that ALL carriers suck but to a degree. Verizon is actually one of the worst carriers to have in business. Outages happen and they have no idea whats going on. Take weeks to provide an RFO.
AT&T is no prize but in comparison to VzB, they are highly efficient and get to the matter of an issue within hours.
Man I've been an AT&T customer for 10 years and they bend over backwards to keep me happy. 
I'm surprised it wasn't T-Mobile. I knew AT&T was bad (and I have Sprint now which isn't much better than T-Mobile, which I had nothing but problems with), but apparently AT&T really is that bad!
It all depends on where you live. I had alltel for years then Verizon when they bought them out. Where I live Verizon had really crappy service and the Internet would only work in a couple spots In the house. (I rely on my phone for home Internet because all we can get here is dialup) I tried sprint and it wasn't any better. Got on att and have full signal everywhere I go. Besides center, TX, where my husband works a lot. I haven't had any problems with att. Just wish they would release jellybean for the HTC one x! 
As much as VZ cost, I still have to have the network.
T-mobile (aka Deutsche Telekom) is a founding father of the 4G LTE Network but somehow manages to have crappy coverage. Verison finacially rapes their customers! Sprint simply rocks, especially their Developer Program...but I must say, I've been w/ AT&T for over a year now and have had no complaints.

The trick is, pick your device, ride out your plan and all will go smooth. Change things up mid-stream and you'll find they are ALL rife with human error.
Ive been with att for 7 years and hasnt had any problems with there cs or their network.
+Rob Howard I had an experience with changing devices mid contract. The brick and mortar store was god awful in helping me, telling me I had to cancel my contract (which was about 9 years old at the time) and pay the cancellation fee for it. I called the cs 800 number they straightened them out. Got me upgraded, waived the upgrade fee, and then gave me a credit for the next time I upgraded.  
Every company will claim they're the best. But only one truly is.

The other thing about T-Mobile? They say they claim they have the fastest and best 4G network in America. Only thing is, their 4G...ain't 4G. It's 3+G. Nice try T-Mobile.
As an aside,  all the big carriers donate to extreme right wing causes. Creedo is a carrier that documents all the donations by mobile carriers and fights the tea party actively. Virgin Mobile support humanist causes around the world. I now have Virgin Mobile and unlimited data talk txt for 55/mo.w good coverage.
I had cricket and the service and phone was awful
Ok so AT&T had bad service, but some of the best costumer service I've seen. If you stay in the city they have one of the fastest I've used. Verizon has one of the best coverage but they treat you pretty horrible. So it just depends on what will work for you because they all "suck" 
I had Sprint first, then Verizon, and now ATT because I wanted to have an iPhone. Big mistake. Verizon is by far the best company with the BEST coverage a available.
Even though I have verizon the new plans for data cost to much i have verizon for about 5 years now. My plan is unlimited for 30 dollars and 450min for 40+some text and I paid 71 dollars every month with my work discount with the droid 4.
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