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Staples will offer in-store 3D printing on demand
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I saw one of those and always thought that would be a good idea.
an increase of people making guns and then immediately shooting themselves at the kiosks may be a problem.
Awesome. If the price is right +Staples will be my go to spot. Waiting 2-6 weeks for delivery from the online printers sucks and customer service will be instant instead of 2 weeks of emails . I see lots of little custom Lloyd figurines in my future :)
Perhaps even the ability to have conductive sheets someday for 3d printed electronics//
How long does it take to get a 3D print of say something simple like a pair of glasses or a I Phone
I just got off the phone with them. Associate confirmed this is no rumor, the future is HERE. I can't wait to print my own stuff.
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