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Confessions of a reformed Apple hater: +Molly Wood says Apple is winning.
Apple is on a tear: shares up over $100 in a month, big product launches looming and a massive untapped market of tablet and computer buyers. Here's why it won't slow down anytime soon. Read this blog...
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I'm not sure where to start... ugh... this is just start-to-end lousy.
Perhaps it is as Molly describes and Apple products are the best. I use a lot of apple products and I love my MBP. But there will come a point when my respect for the company will drop so low that I will no longer buy more of their products. I know I'm probably in a minority in that regard because, for most people, their opinion of a company won't influence their purchasing decisions. For me it does. I really can't stand the way they fight in the courts.

I no longer buy Microsoft and I think I won't buy any more Apple.
Yeah, I was a daily listener, but now that's it's JUST fanboys (and girls) I've taken it off my podcast feeds.
+Christian Alvarez I'd love the Chromebook to become properly usable. Alternatively, I used to use Fedora on Thinkpads before my MBP. I was happy with that and perhaps that is an option again if I can find hardware that is as good as an MBP. I have an Android phone that I would not dream of swapping for an iPhone. But thankfully I don't have decide yet. When I do have to decide, I think I'd really like to avoid Apple.
+Christian Alvarez Chromebooks are not very usable without a network connection yet. And they are slow. Still, early days, they will get better. Or perhaps the ASUS Transformer Prime is an alternative.
I sold my Apple shares when they hit 525 :) Very lucky.
There is a lot of hype here and first analysts are recommending to sell Apple, because the stock is overvalue. Don't fool yourself and get caught in a bearish cycle. When the hype is there, people never believe the analyst. Nobody knows how successful Apple products will be in the future. Many assume that the success will continue like in the case of iPhone 4 s or iPad, but this is not guarantee. Reports from China and elsewhere shows Apple losing market shares and the iPhone 4S fading. I don't know what they have to put in the iPhone 5 to make it appealing. Be careful, Apple is not a buy at this level. I bought it at 448 and sold high.
I've been saying this about Apple for years. Now if only I could afford one. At least Linux has freed me from Microsoft in the meantime.
winning in what terms? you know what apple only wins in high-end-class A category and in this category few people have access, google is for the masses, and there is enormous potential in that category! imagine china, india and the rest of the developing world will have access a affordable devices that can match apple. and apple will never catch on that category. they're losing IMO...
+Molly Wood The interesting thing about this industry is that, while it is possible to say that a company is winning (and then only in relation to the performance of other companies), it is rare to say they have won. Has that ever happened? Apple is hugely successful at the moment but that doesn't mean other companies are losing, simply that they are not making quite so much money or are not quite so popular. Personally I think many Apple products are brilliantly designed and very well marketed but the 'culture' and behaviour of the company put me off to the extent that I no longer want to buy their well designed and well marketed products. There are still alternatives from other companies who are also winning.

There are many things that can upset Apple's success. If more people begin to think like me then it might have an impact on them. Unfortunately, if that were true, Microsoft would have vanished into oblivion years ago. But they haven't. Oh well.

Nevertheless, Apple might be winning now but I doubt they will be the first technology company to have won. Keep watching and reporting. Things might still get interesting.
winning is not always in terms of financial success! it is not quantifiable to any amount we have in the bank! it is how we help the masses, how we innovate, how we make things work for the betterment of the many, not just for the few individuals, who can afford luxury things.

in the past, having a smartphone, is very costly! and only few people, can have it, but now thanks to GOOGLE, it makes everyone capable of having a smartphone now, full of capabilities, not just for call and text, having access now in the internet is very easy, by having quality smartphones at very affordable price. and by these terms, i believe GOOGLE is walking in the right path....
+Molly Wood was the last one at Cnet to get her "Thermal Nuclear Warfare check "

This is the reason for the sudden change of heart.

I refuse to even read anymore cnet article's.

Remaking the same phone from almost two years ago, and taking everyone to court, doesn't mean you're winning. Just means, a lot of people don't want to lose the money they spent in apps over the years. They're almost like slaves to Apple.

Cnet, stop taking Apple's money, and write real reviews. We don't want to hear Geppetto in the back ground, pulling your strings
I stop reading after +Molly Wood stated that she went from a GNexus to IPhone4S... #poorsoul
+Shawn Ueda not that I care, my thing is ; how the hell do you write reviews on a tech site, and for four years strait you talked shit about apple, then all of a sudden make a 360 degree turn?
That tells me one of two things :they're getting paid, or she don't know what she's talking about, especially to be giving advice, making a four year mistake.
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