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A new standalone Google iOS app lets you easily record and upload videos:
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I like this idea. It's interesting.
Apple is quickly becoming just another one of Google's hardware providers. What's the point of iOS if it ends up that 90% of your time is spent on Google/Android-like apps......
I'm new to Android via Galaxy Note 2. Is there an equivalent Android app like Capture? 
Um, I've never had iOS but I assume that Capture is similar to Androids Stock/G+apps in one
When I set it up, I was able to connect to my YouTube and my Twitter accounts but it would not allow me to connect to Google+. I hit the button a few times and nothing happens.
Dear god... The functionality of uploading videos is built into the Android camera app. It's under gallery in the share options. Android does not need an official YouTube upload app as we have one by default.
Yes +Darrell Kirk you can. ICS and jellybean based devices have movie studio which allows you to cut and paste and splice and edit prior to upload.
I agree aith Tony and disagree with Ian who say an app isnt needed. In gallery, there is no sharing to Youtube, FB and Twitter at same time, its 3 manual shares, inferior to iOS Capture app. But one could have youtube acct setup to where video is shared automatically to Twitter and FB I think. Again, sorry, im new to Android and trying to figure this out. Thank you for your time and tips. 
+gunuganti adithya gunu it's a feature that is built into our far superior youtube app, ios does not have a good YouTube app yet so they give apps like the easy upload instead. 
Scratch that, i don't see the recording through YouTube app option anymore. Ha my bad. 
I think you can just take a picture of it and post it
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