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Sure, make it a state law. Makes never going to Arizona... I was going to say easier, but since I will never step foot in that crazy state, whatever. It just brings the funny. So for the sake of comedy gold, go for it Arizona! :)
This law is what I call an annoying comment and it should be arrested for trolling my G+ stream.
Freedom of speech. If that's not OK, the law applies.
I just don't even understand why this is necessary!?
I guess Jan Brewer is fed up with people calling her a $(%&$ and a $/$·*^and a %$^") .... but if it looks like a rose and smells like a rose, then prolly it's a rose. So, get use to it Jannie!
+David Pye , there is only one reason ever for the stifling of dissident voices. I makes it easier for those in power to keep it.
I want a law to ban annoying laws.
Apparently Arizona lawmakers don't realize that there are people on the Interwebs outside their state and country...?
Yes how is the location of the trolling determined? Where the troll resides, where the poster resides, where the complaining fools who don't have anything better to do reside?
For annoying people, this is manna.
nOoOoOo, OK I don't care ^o^
The problem is that radical right extremists (political, religious, economic, and social) see the Internet as a threat just as dictators in other countries have experienced. Communication control is a critical component of the totalitarian class.
Yes of course, because freedom of speech definatly isn't one of the cornerstones of democracy, especially not ours.
True that we have s psuedo-democracy. But freedom of speech certainly helps to keep things a bit more balanced than we would otherwise enjoy. Let's not throw the baby out with the bath water...
Well that's another stupid law, but not the last you can be sure. can still talk trash face-to-face, just not on the web? Arizona lawmakers, this is me officially trolling you. Come get me. stupid
Arizona is like one of the most conservative state and Alabama too. I like Texas because we are reasonable people who understands. Texas is the state that gives the most death penalty.
So much for freedom of speech.
Last time i checked, the 1st amendment is not illegal...
As annoying as trolling is I don't think it should be illegal. That's going a bit too far.
Nope, go after the spammers and virus/mal-ware people.
Don't give a crap about that boring state anyways..just makes it all that more enjoyable to be in Cali :)-
who decides what's annoying?
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