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Starbucks teams up with Square for credit card processing, including the "Pay With Square" app, in a $25 million deal. Are you comfortable using your phone for small, everyday transactions?
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yes, I love Square and can't wait for this to go live.
The more convenient, the better. This is definitely convenient.
I've never used Pay With Square, so I'm probably just missing it... But it seems incredibly insecure? A random Starbucks employee confirms it's you based on your picture popping up at the register? That's it?
I'd rather have an nfc system, such as Google wallet or ISIS(if it ever launches).
If you have a Starbucks card just pay with the Starbucks app. Seems easy enough to me, why all this extra stuff?
When it comes to Starbucks, no transaction is small...
I can hardly believe those PoS devices are deemed worthy by a major chain.
i dont hope that. I like real cash and electronic payments (incl. credit cards) are a curse... If we will have only electronic payments in the future and no more real money, the banks will own the world... (remeber my words in 10-20 years, maybe sooner) ;)
I am more confortable with "paypal here" It is a brand I trust.
nope. I'm barely comfortable with credit cards. Making it too easy for thieves to steal your money makes no sense.
cashless, yes, because they get everything for free. but thats not the situiation i was talking about... i mean if we electronic cash so you pay with your credit/debit card. Then money is just a number in a bank system and may be changed by the banks...
Another way for banks, or credit card companies to make more money. I can't believe that ppl don't understand what processing charges are for businesses. If they don't want to accept checks I don't blame them, but wish more businesses would try to emphasize paying cash instead. The anywhere from 4-8% for electronic transactions adds up very quickly.
there is a big difference but to make you understand me that would be a very long story... sorry dude, you have to search the internet for an explanation what i mean with e-cash only worldwide... but it will be something no one will want to get it... except of the banks...
maybe a little hint: if the world cash system would be electronic, the "lehman brothers" would still exist and still play with and burn your money. and you wouldnt know it...
I was not inferring "every" transaction +Rob B. , but to be using a credit type payment for transactions of less than say $20 seems quite pointless.
+Alex Goven yes, we are very close to this system i talk about.

In the past money (the notes) was just a promissory note for the value of it in gold. That means that e.g. the bank had to store the value of all the dollars worldwide in gold because it was a promissory note for gold. You was able to go to the bank and give them your money and they had to give you the same value in gold. They HAD to, it was a law. This means they you dont pay with a worthless paper, you pay with gold, which has a real value, not a virtual. Then this law has been cancelled, the last president who wanted reactivate this law was... make a guess... JFK (he also wanted to control the dollars because then and now your dollars are produced by the Federal Reserve Bank which is a privat bank. The Fed lends it to the american goverment and they pay rents/interests for it. Imagin this stupidity, you (the gov) can only lend your own money from a privat guy and have to pay for it, you can not make it by your own. The first thing the pres after JFK did was to reverse all this plans...)
The last big currency in world which had this gold-connection was the german Mark, the Euro is as virtual as the dollar or yen or pound.
... still can't make a decent coffee.
i'm one of the lucky few who walk into a place and they say, "your money's no good here, mr.wisney" before they hand me a tall mocha with extra whipped cream.
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