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3M and Roku are teaming up on a pico projector small enough to fit in your hand, which streams video via Roku's tiny Streaming Stick. What do you think?
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That is pretty cool... Would it support other inputs?
Also, why not just build the Roku part in?
Personal. Airport. Theater.
"Avengers is now showing at Gate A4…"
Just put it on my Amazon Wish List
this is dumb. what are you going to do with 60 lumens. you can view it in pitch black from 2 feet away, yay
Well, I'm no AV engineer, but if it doesn't work, Amazon will give you a refund.  Love Amazon!  But I will check it out further before I actually purchase it.  +dominic carreno what do you recommend for small presentation audiences?
projector..... ummm... depending on price, could be legit
OK I have to have this, where can i buy this.  i am already a Roku fan, if they make it i will buy it.
At this point, I'll support anything that keeps people from watching movies on their stupid phones.
Get it under $80 and I'll buy it.
If you have a roku and a Linux nettop hooked up to your tv, you can stream pretty much whatever you want cheap, from your network or the internet.
Bluetooth for headsets. It would improve movies at the office... I mean presentations. Lol
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