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If they've restricted 2nd hand games then I'll not be buying one unless the download only games are in the region of less than £10 rather than the £30 upwards that they go for now.

When I've finished with a game I want to be able to sell it on.
And welcome to the problem with the game industry. People don't seem to understand how much money isn't put back into the industry with used games. Hopefully this generation will end it on all sides. 
+Bruce Smith
Do you think that'll force game devs to reduce the cost of games on the consumer side? The other problem is that since everything is going digital, the laws and accesibilty, heck even the basic understanding of it all really really needs to evolve and change. The question is: When the will that happen? Copyright, patent, licensing, publishing, they all need to improve.
If they block the used game market I will not be buying one and Wii U sells will go through the roof.
+Bruce Smith Used games shouldn't be a problem. The car industry isn't trying to shut down second hand car sales. The clothes industry doesn't stop people from selling their old clothes on eBay.
+Andrew Lloyd
If that's the case, yeah that is the case. Video Game companies need to do something to reduce cost AND I think it is possible because of the more streamlined hardware of the PS4. It could. But the question is, how do we avoid the needless price inflation?
+Bruce Smith why does more money need put back in the industry? You think if they make more they will lower their horrible pricing model? Greed is their issue. They should focus on finding ways too lower costs and the prices on the games they sell. As as consumer I have a right to sell something I purchased. 
keep in mind, as a guy who worked for D3 publishers (now owned by NAMCO) and THQ , that it isnt just the Dev's its the publishing house that puts the money up to the Dev to develop the game, then they also have to market the game, its not so simple to blame Dev's, hell dev's actually do nothing more then pitch an idea to a publisher and ask for funds to create the game, there is no difference in the game that has 5 million invested or 1 million invested, still gonna be 60 bucks because the market has allowed it.....the creation of the online market has helped some but really only reduced cost for publishers as now they dont have to have over head or spend nearly as much on marketing and packaging....
personally im a student and im not really for the used game market. Yes stores like cex in the uk will likely start losing profit, but if you think about it, they've already started to stop consumers using preowned games. Example, some games like uncharted 3 need a online acess code to go on multiplayer and you only get one when you buy the game brand new.
After 10 games of €59,99 I just have bought a new console
Used games don't put money back into the market, but many of the target audience wouldn't buy very many games without them. Not referring just to the people who don't buy until they're cheap, but the people who are willing to buy initially only b/c they plan to resell them down the line. 

also all the arguments against selling used games were already made by the music industry in their protests of used music outlets like The Wherehouse. 
What grills my cheese is that Developers are in a choke hold with Publishers/Licensors and more so the consumers. PEOPLE please at least every now and then give another game a chance! Always buying the mainstream? What the heck! Tales of Xillia for example in the RPG space. Give it a chance!
I really think that the Ouya and Steam "consoles" could shake the Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft models and be really disruptive.

Sure Android based games on the Ouya will be less polished than the the big console releases but if they keep within a similar price range to games in the Android App store then they'll do great with casual gamers. 
Am I the only one who buys a gaming console to play gaming console games? I not going to buy this monster to play: angry birds, temple run or ruzzle. It is a insult
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