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Google says Chrome is the #1 or #2 browser in every country in the world.
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I use it since #nearly  DAY One!
Should be No. 1 in India (anecdotal)
I'm using it now in South Africa
I use it almost exclusively...unless im watching #porn cause I dont need google knowing that...I love the Chrome to Phone and Phone to Chrome extentions!
been using it since day one.. never looked back
And I suspect that once Chrome for Android becomes the default android browser, Chrome adoption rates will skyrocket.
here here! +Jeremy Johnson  I also have been using it and haven't looked back.   There have been bumps in the road with a couple of their updates, but that it to be expected.
Deservedly so. Hope apple is listening and does something about the horrendous safari for windows.
I also like safari... Cuz its easier to delete history in it...... Hehe
On my windows PC I use Chrome and Firefox for different reasons. On my Android phone I mostly use Dolphin, although I have Firefox and Opera installed. With my iPad both Safari and Dolphin. I prefer choices. 
+Marilyn Dumas ha! thats the problem. too many choices,zero integration. its impossible to sync safari bookmarks unless one is actually using safari. if only xmarks came out with a xmarks for safari for windows extension.
Chrome is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
in 3 words :  fast , easy and full of featureeeeeeeeees :)
Just could not get myself to like chrome. Opera here and ff sometimes. Love opera CSS
+Marilyn Dumas I wish the re definition of marriage would allow a Dolphin & Chrome union!

I would cross dress and be the best man & maid of honor!
I use it primarily. My new Lenovo came with chrome browser already installed.
+Samuel Adams With a html5 score of 138 for IE9 as compared to 400 for Chrome, IE is not even qualified to play the game :-)
Something needs to be done about IE in the workplace. One would think security concerns would push IE out of the way.
I use the Canary build of Chrome. Love it!
I'm using #Chrome even from my smartphone so that I can sync my bookmarks on every device I use
Finally the world gets something right. :P
Pretty possible and pretty preferable!!!
Not in my house! My ranking:
1) Safari
2) Firefox
3) chrome
4) IE
Definitely the best browser out there. I stopped using FireFox entirely, Safari is okay. I won't even mention any others. And the Google + app for mobile is head and shoulders above anything including crapbook I mean Facebook.
Chrome is fast but not that powerful as IE. Lots of compatibility issues
I use Chrome on my PC laptop and of course, my ASUS TF201.  Soooo much better than IE.
I love using chrome, but I wish it would also be available for phones not running ICS too.
Chrome has the google search built in, that's why i use it
This is the best browser. But I prefer Opera when I haveto use 3G connection on my PC or Phone. Its a pity Chrome doesnt have such service as Opera Turbo.
It's really cool on ics - Verizon GNex
It came built in on my moms new laptop. 
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