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QUESTION: Are you perfectly content with your current faucet situation?
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looks great and only £1000? i'll go buy a few of them, and get one in each room, and one for each of the kids, as nice as it may look..  a towel can do that for a few quid.. or drip drying is even cheaper...
possibly aimed at snazzy hotels/restaurants, rather than the upstairs bathroom I would imagine
It sounds uncomfortable. And what if you aren't done rinsing soap off your hands before the drying phase begins?
Unbelievable! Their vacuum cleaners are useless too. We've had 2 and both kept getting clogged filters. Henry the Hoover is much better and about 20% of the price.
And you can't even change the temperature! Fail.
1 temperature only? Hmmm ... maybe Dyson is the Apple inc. of appliances. 
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