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Will you buy Samsung's next flagship phone, or has another Android manufacturer caught your eye?
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based on how little Samsung is giving back to the open source community.. no, I will probably be choosing something else
Xperia Z is really interesting me. Hard to beat my note 2 though. I think choosing a phone now is relatively safe for a couple years. Yes they sticking more cores in etc but it's pretty hard to use them all at once so until we catch up to tech I think our next choice should hold our interest for a while. Just talking about how many Developments there has been in last 2 years. Buy a phone and a better one out in 3 months... 
My choice would be  Nexus 4. I was planning to get the S3 model but it is way beyond my budget.
I will stick to the Nexus line, as I want a pure Android experience. 
I've had the first Galaxy S phone, now I have the Galaxy S3!! There's a reason why it pulls the numbers that it does and embarrasses the iPhone 5!! Nexus ,Sony Xperia z, and Htc One are great phones, but they lack the most simplest of features! And doesn't have the popularity that a Galaxy phone has!! I'll spend my $$$ on the Galaxy S4!!!! 
I am hanging with my Note 2 for a while.
I have my money for the Note 3. This will be my first Note phone. I have had a Galaxy S and S2. I'm now on the NEXUS 4.
It's between the HTC One & S4 for far.
I would have to pawn my kids to by a Samsung or a IPhone. No thanks I love my kids so i'll stick with my Nexus 4 and my $30 T-Mobile plan!
Hopefully there can be a price drop for the Note II, and then i'll stick with that for 3-4 years.
how can someone consider a flagship phone when the nexus does all of it for a lower price?
I'm holding out for the Motorola X-Phone. 
Waiting to see what Motorola has to offer with the X Phone. 
I will scuba dive with the xperia Z. 
I have never liked Samsung's build quality, their tech is good but the hardware always seems cheap and plastic like to me. I like HTC, they seem very solid. 
+Zachary Mcmurray I would like to get T-Mobile but everyone I talk to says that in the area that I live in the signal is horrendous. From what I have seen T-Mobile has the best selection of devices. 
If it comes to Sprint, Sony Xperia Z! Even the ZL. 
the HTC One looks beautiful. Can samsung match it??
I get an AWESOME signal with my S3 all over THE WORLD not just in the U.S. in 50 states. Thank you VERIZON.
I have Verizon as well and yes the signal is excellent but they don't have any decent Nexus devices. They just have the Galaxy Nexus and that's not really a Nexus. 
Way too soon, let S3 enjoy its rollercoaster, S4 might flop cos the crave won't be there
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